Bohemian Style Christmas Decorating You Can Use All Year



Bohemian style is all about international travel, collecting, and the arts. To move this style into Christmas, it means a visual feast of textures, colors, and, well, clutter.

One of the first additions that is ideal for Bohemian Christmas is macrame. Consider putting a poinsettia in a hanging planter near the window. 

Bohemian style embraces textures and textiles from rugs and woven fabrics to baskets and pottery.



Imagine a focus wall with these paintings spread among some wicker wall baskets? 

The colors of Bohemian style include rich colors like eggplant, mango orange, camel, and turquoise. The elements include heavy use of textures from burlap and fur to basketry and macrame. There are feathers, beads, and import styles from Morocco. 

An ideal item for a Bohemian Christmas is a lantern, preferably ones with heavy scrolling design and amber glass. The more ornate, the better.

Moroccan style, import items, layer upon layer of textiles, texture, and art. Don't be shy with tassles and trim. This is the creative home of a Bohemian soul. And it is a dream for the rich tones of Christmas and year-round.