Farmhouse Style Christmas Items You Can Use All Year!


Post by Sharon

Groovy New Life Instagram by Julie

There are a few hot styles out there for Christmas and I thought I'd share some of the tips and tricks for pulling them off. 

Your key elements will be woodland gathered items like pine cones, sprigs of pine, berries, and bark.

Your key items will be things like wreaths with special attention to the fireplace mantle. 


As sprigs of pine are a standard of decorating use in a farmhouse setting, this could be used year-round.

Colors for farmhouse are traditional red and green with lots of white, especially furnishings and wood items painted white. You can take anything including glass vases and smooth surfaces and paint them white with white chalk paint. 

Consider a wooden plant shelf painted white to display gifts, a collection of Santas or pots of poinsettia. After Christmas, put it to use with plants.

Painting some crates white, you have fantastic holders for displays of poinsettias, and when Christmas is over, put houseplants in them, or fill them with firewood. 

(if you're like me, you probably kill the live ones)

This style is all about rustic Christmas. Farm items like figures of chickens, roosters, and cows are welcome, as well as items like metal signs and weathervanes.

Metal buckets are an excellent and shiny rural item. You can fill them up with pine cones beside the fireplace, hang as stockings from the fireplace, or write the word J-O-Y putting a separate letter on each bucket and lining them up on the edge of the stairs or mantle to spell it out.

When the holidays are over, reuse the buckets in springtime with pots of geraniums on the porch. 

The metallic farm animal wall set above is ideal for year-round. 

The keys to your farmhouse Christmas are rustic, from nature, and white. Handmade, farm references, utilitarian items repurposed for the home.