Lockdown Thanksgiving


Post by Sharon 

Groovy New Life Instagram by Julie

Yup, we knew it would come. After all, it's flu season. Well, apparently it's flu season all of 2020. But, stern advice is to social distance. Here's some ways to make the holiday still the best ever.

If your weather permits, considering seating everyone outside, far apart. Keep things outdoors so you can talk freely. 


If weather permits, consider candles and fireplace for lighting. It will make it seem more intimate and special.

Start a new tradition. My son and I always watch a marathon of MST 3000 episodes and in the morning I play "Home Alone" repeatedly. 

Try eating outside for a new experience that doesn't have to feel so lonely.

Consider a new theme to your meal. Yes, turkey and stuffing, but how about a true nod to our resilient Native People? Some southwestern patterns based on their gorgeous art - 

Set up a skype or zoom session at the table with family members. I know, corny, but one of those fun things everyone remembers. 

Make turkey salad sandwiches with walnuts and dried cranberries, celery, onion, mayo. Or perhaps a turkey soup with carrots, onions, celery and noodles, or maybe turkey stew with potatoes, carrots, garlic, onion, celery and some broth with a bit of tomato paste. How about a turkey spread? Mix with mayo, cream cheese, onion, celery in a food processor.

Consider a constitutional - take a walk before supper and smell the air, wood smoke, chilly frost. With each step know you are getting your metabolism ready for the yummy food and also clearing your head of the routine you always did each year. This will help you from getting glum if the usual family isn't around the table.

Journal what you're thankful for. In a year of absolute craziness, there were things to be thankful for. Some of them might be surprising, like seeing families going for walks together, kids spending more time with parents, everyone reconsidering their spending habits and downsizing and refocusing on independence in all things, and the fact we are all experiencing this together. 

No matter how you handle lockdown Thanksgiving, try to view it like a romantic comedy. It's totally bumbling, weird, and going off all wrong, but it can be a charming memory you look back at and smile.