Mid Century Christmas Decor You Can Use All Year Long!


Mid Century style Christmas involves a vintage vibe that also has a Danish Modern simplicity to it. It's about woods like teak and birch, sleek metal and glass contemporary design, and some of the cheesy colorful accents that haunted the mid century time period. 

Consider a colored Christmas tree like pink or blue. Hang Hawaiian ornanments with vibrant color. Go for a totally retro feel and scour the markets for 1950s ornaments, the standard stuff of most baby boomers' childhoods. The fake Christmas tree wave began in the 1950s and the trees were off the charts Jetson's vibe aluminum and tinsel, bright colors, and super fake looking. 

This pot holder above is ideal for a poinsettia at Christmas and a tropical plant when the holidays have ended. 

This vase set above is so very perfect for the Mid Century look, but also Christmas. Imagine them grouped with birch branches sticking out of them? After the holidays, consider some straight wood dowels painted white. 

A round mirror in the entry way above a table could be surrounded by a garland for Christmas and then left plain for the rest of the year. 

As minimalism is a trademark of Mid Century and also the vintage vibe of the past, I'd suggest a simple bold statement like a large stellar pointed star. 

As far as your color palette, you will want to stick with the colors of mid century instead of the traditional. Try pistachio green, persimmon orange, or turquoise.

The key to your Mid Century Christmas home is one bold tree statement as obnoxious a color and fake aluminum as possible and keep the rest very simple and clutter-free. Enjoy glass and metal arrangements.