Minimalist Christmas Items You Can Use All Year


The minimalist home takes a good deal of consideration. If something does not bring you joy, it must go. Functional and especially multifunctional items are welcome. These birds, above, are a fine example of a very impactful Christmas vibe that can be used year-round, such as resting in a windowsill or in a pot with a plant.

Minimalists may not want to store a fake tree all year for one particular time of the year, but the expression of a tree can be done in many ways. 

This is my favorite idea - 

Investment in this one item for year-round is a dream! This can house books or plants during the year, but at Christmas time, placing the houseplants upon it and draping a simple string of lights is the best living Christmas tree. Later on, use the lights in the apartment overhead for a dreamy evening lighting.

Practicality is critical for minimalist living. Any time you can have baskets to store items away, you have something both lovely and practical. 

These baskets can be opened around the bookshelf Christmas tree (above) and gifts can be placed inside them for a more orderly display or fill with poinsettias.

When the holidays are over, stack them against the wall and fill with stored items like printer paper, stapler, office items. 

A pillow you can use all year (above). As a minimalist, likely you have bright open windows and houseplants, which are already giving a cool vibe, and if you use lots of white as most do, the icy Christmas vibe is present. 

Consider some simple measures like taking a round mirror and using it on the table center to place items on and give light and festivity and then hang on the wall later for practicality, such as near the front door to check yourself before you leave the house.

The minimalist's home is very practical, free of clutter and diversions, showing great thoughtfulness for each item that graces their space. Having Christmas vibe without the boxes of Christmas decor stacking up is an ideal situation for a happy holiday.