Natural Beauty is IN Again!

Post by Sharon

It would seem that silicone, Botox, fake nails, eyelash extensions, hair straightening, and sprayed on industrial foundation have become the standards of being beautiful for quite some time now. 

But, it is heartening to see that with society tending toward going back to basics, utilizing more natural resources, buying natural fiber clothing, and thrifting, that we have begun a turn back to the 1970s natural look for women.

There is something very youthful about a woman with no makeup or at least minimal amounts to add color to lips or cheeks. 

Great advice for making eyes larger naturally (LINK)

Compare the 1970s makeup with the 1980s and you learn how harsh and aging strong makeup is. 

1970s makeup

1980s makeup 

The keys to the natural look include - 

dewy skin, polished, moisturized
cream blusher to look like natural glow
blush/peach/soft pink lips in a matte color, paler eyeshadows like nutmeg and sand
no black eyeliner - use brown on top only

A little sun glow helps to make the natural look appear less ghastly sick and more outdoorsy. 

Going natural also means not fighting your hair. If it's straight, don't ask it to be wavy. If it's wavy, don't ask it to be straight. There are women who would kill for naturally straight hair or naturally curly hair. Wear it proudly!

My wavy hair will be a frizzy shellac'd mess if I try to straighten it. And, straight hair tends to make the angles of the face harsher and draws too much attention to saggy jawlines or crooked noses, so let the tumbles tumble. 

Here's a good example - Sandra Bullock

Her natural hair is wavy. Her features look soft. She looks approachable and healthy. 

Her hair straightened and shellac'd makes her features look sharp and focuses too much on the architecture of her face and any asymmetry. She looks high maintenance and fussy. You can tell this look didn't come easy. 

a little exercise, some sun and a smile - mom forced the waves and curls out by brushing excessively as it dried. Really hair was wavy since I was a baby.

here I am trying to brush the waves out.

in my 50s, embracing nature

Think back to when you were an adolescent and you let your hair be your hair, your face be your face, and you played outdoors, maybe got some golden tan or freckles, cheeks flushed with excitement about the world around you. 

Exercise and water to keep your skin's circulation happy are critical. Also, using natural products on your skin helps. 

I use a soft wood handled complexion brush and get rid of dead cells often. For an exfoliate I might rub baking soda on my damp face. I make my own lotion that is coconut oil, vitamin c serum, hyaloronic acid, and tea tree oil. For the body, I use shea butter or coconut oil. 

Natural look is based on healthy skin with good moisturizing to be dewy. It's about natural brows instead of severe drawn on ones. 

Mascara is great, but either no shadow on eyes, or very soft tones that almost blend into flesh for natural highlight and shadow. Never line the bottom lid and if you do line the top, use brown instead of black.

Lips are nude tones and soft pinks and peaches, avoiding any bright or dark lips.

Blush is cream form and not powder to look like a true under skin blush.

Avoid - dark lipsticks, cake face, extremely groomed brows that are filled in like a solid line, dark eyeliners, frosted eyeshadows, and if you use bronzer do it lightly.

It is tried but true, a little sun to the face and a big smile and you are gorgeous every time. As we age, our faces head south leaving scowl marks and droopy places that make us look angry all the time. Smile and age is not even in the interpretation process.

Don't you want to smile with them and know their story and how they remain so lifted by the process of living? 


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