Outdoor Fire Pit Cooking - The New Kitchen!


Outdoor cooking has become the new rage with homebound folks looking for new inventive ways to make their meals. These aren't your gas-operated grill in a fancy outdoor kitchen. These are an open fire, a tripod, a pan or a dutch oven as if on a high-powered campout. 

There is something so succulent and natural about cooking in the outdoors. A fire pit with a family sitting around it, the sound of beef sizzling, the scent of rosemary and garlic....


dutch oven lid lifter

Dutch Oven

Butcher knife 

You might want some great rubs and seasonings and the best I know of are Cowboy Spice Company.

Try the Old Texas Steak Dust - 

If it's time to design a firepit in the ground, I suggest some great YouTube vids for instructions -

Happy Cooking!