Scandinavian Christmas Items You Can Use All Year



Scandinavian decor keeps it simple, with hints of nature like birch bark and berries. Items like antlers, candles,  furs, and especially items hung at the window to catch the light, are perfect.

When I recall Scandinavian style Christmas as a child, there were paper woven ornaments and straw ones, and always a Julbock (goat) ornament. But, also the use of candles and mirrors, as well as tin to create more light in the room. At the windows, slices of dried citrus could be hung on a branch to catch the light.

Usually on Scandinavian Christmas Trees you see the Julboch (goat) in woven straw, but this stylized tribal-looking version can be hung in a window during the year. 

Simplicity is critical in Scandinavian Christmas with bits of branches, birch bark, snowy accents, whites, clean, and light. Light is super important, whether candles, window crystals or mirrors. 

I'd suggest you hang the prisms from a simple bare branch which is common in Scandinavian windows.

These simple design pillow covers with trees are very Nordic looking and beautiful year-round in a Scandinavian home.

I love this idea - use the rug as a tree skirt for Christmas and the rest of the year, enjoy in your breakfast nook or under the coffee table.

Scandinavian Christmas is all about light, simplicity, hints of nature, and an airy bright feel.