Thrifting and Yard Sales Are Making a Huge Comeback!


Post by Sharon and Julie

This weekend Julie and I are running a garage sale/yard sale. It's perfect weather in Phoenix for such fun endeavors. And, we are thrilled to see that thrift store shopping and yard sale stalking are finding a huge resurgence. Part of that is the economy and the other part is to replace items financial hit from buying it new. 

In any given mall, you run into the same brands, looks, and fashions each season. 

In thrifting and garage sale cruising, you can find items no one sees parading up and down the streets. The vintage vibe and the boho look are really hot! If you want to develop an individual look, this is THE way to do it. 

There is something that makes you feel rather pious when you get a great bargain at Goodwill. 

Julie and I have been transitioning our homes to natural choices like bamboo toothbrushes, items made of glass, wood, or metal, and even bar soap. Heading to a thrift store, we find lots of great lidded jars for putting pasta in and snacks. We also find wood salad bowls and crock ware. 

The last time we hit a thrift store, I bought a bunch of clothes and some housewares and I worried about the ring up and - bam! 15 bucks! I felt like I had gotten away with a crime. 

Here's some great advice - 


Hit the shoe aisle. I know, it sounds weird and some folks are scheezed out about the idea of wearing someone else's shoes but the great majority there weren't worn outside. They were bought, sometimes online or on a whim, and the fit was wrong, it caused blisters, or the event they bought them for they never attended. You can find amazing designer names, Nike, and more that are new or next to new. 

Wedding dresses and formal wear are amazing prices in thrift stores. These items worn once or sometimes not worn at all, can be so greatly reduced that you find a real gem and save yourself thousands of dollars.

You may feel weirded out about things like towels, pillows, bedding, and lingerie and that's okay. Move on to the housewares.

Glass mason jars, platters, miscellaneous plates, and bakeware are abundant and almost always in great condition. The savings here are insane. In fact, consider getting a few 1-dollar glass vases and keeping them on hand for when you give someone flowers. 


At garage/yard sales, there are some amazing finds to be had! 

Exercise equipment is a huge advantage in this situation as most people buy something and use it a week or so and then it becomes a piece of obstructing furniture. 

Another item folks often purge themselves of are things of an entertainment nature like DVDs, books, music, and video games. 

Baby equipment is a fantastic find as most folks have car seats, cribs, toys, and strollers for sale after their baby has gotten out of toddlerhood. 

There are usually plenty of knickknacks to be found, but you might bypass clutter and look for things of substance like furniture, especially bookshelves. 

Sharon's awesome finds - jewelry and shirt from a thrift store! Total cost? $7 (4 necklaces and tee)