Unique Handmade Christmas Decorations


Light bulbs, hot glued string loops, and acrylic paints

Post by Sharon

We are in an era of the old-fashioned Christmas values, home and hearth, and nothing says it more thank adorable handmade ornaments. 

Here's some easy ones - 

I love this one above as it reminds me of the paper woven heart ornaments we had on our Scandinavian tree as a kid.

Yes, this works and it's great. Sometimes I throw in coffee beans or cloves.

Empty wine bottles can be painted directly with chalk paint (cheaper if you take acrylic paint and add some baking soda to make your own). Hot glue on some twine. Add a bow. And hot glue on the lettering - JOY.

Wood sticks attached to twine and snowflake lights.

River rocks become decor on table tops 

Large plastic ball (found in bins in toy section of Walmart and Target), tin buckets and aquarium glue

Door wreath made with red ribbon, snowflake and peppermint candy canes glued together

Tie with ribbon on tree

Sticks carved on a slant at the tip to paint a Santa face.

C'mon, admit it. You have leftover TP center rolls

A cardboard cone and plastic spoons with silver or pewter spray paint

Enjoy playing with crafts and never forget the old-fashioned paper snowflakes - 

And, those wonderful garlands of cranberries and popcorn