Amazon Gift Card Spending

Amazon gift cards are sought after like mad, but if you are lucky enough to get one, how to spend it can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Here's some ideas to make it easier to gift yourself and enjoy things you may not normally splurge on - 

Don't forget - getting cards is as nice as giving them $50 Card

These gift card spending ideas also work for giving Christmas gifts - you might find ideas for others in these suggestions below - enjoy!

Thematic Gifts 

Going with themes, we will help you figure out how to spend your card - not for practicals, but for a true exciting gift for yourself. 


Make your bathroom your refuge. Set it up with candles, tea, soaps, lotions, and delicious scents. With these supplies, you can enjoy an invigorating and Christmas-smelling scent like ginger.


The miracle of hemp in a bunch of products to test out what you think of the benefits and attributes. 


Here's some ideas for getting one splurge/pampering item for that $50 card.

Whatever you do, don't buy necessaries. Gift yourself using your Amazon Card!