Anticipating Springtime


In the coldest part of winter and with Christmas having passed, our minds drift to sunshine and warm earth beneath our toes. 

I know I've been busy plotting out the springtime garden but here in Phoenix, we can grow all year long. Right now, the garden has tons of lettuce and spinach, herbs, green onions, turnips, tomato plants growing, grapefruit ripe on the tree....

But, the thing that gets me most excited about springtime (that weather begins here in mid to late February), is that I can plant to attract wildlife. 

In anticipation, I started storing seeds to create a giant wildflower garden surrounded by layer after layer of mammoth sunflowers.

Some ways to bring springtime into your home include opening blinds and having tons of sunlight, vases of fresh flowers, plants in the windows, scents like jasmine or lilac, pastel colors, and the soothing sensual sound of a singer like Sade.