Homemade Bohemian Ornaments


pistachio shells

 I have been wanting to make a lot of bohemian looking monochromatic type of nature-inspired ornaments for the tree as they go nicely with my Scandinavian childhood straw ornaments. Here's super fast and easy ones and you can do other themes too, like beach shells, pinecones, sea glass, birch bark...

A video on YouTube by one of my favorite bohemian crafters, Katia Nikolajew, caught my eye. She did similar things using styrofoam balls. 

I am obsessed with unfinished wood, seashells, rope...

deer hide


one side - pine needles and feathers with glass bead in center

other side, feathers and pistachio shells

seed pods

This is super simple and fun. I used a glass as a template on some cardboard and cut out a circle. I punched a hole with an old pen that didn't work anymore - good thickness. Run a loop of string or jute through the hole with a bead on it. Tie off and then trim ends and hot glue it to be sure it doesn't untie. There are no limits to things you could do - even unwind rope into individual strands and circle it on the cardboard, winding it around and around. 

As well, consider using styrofoam balls of various sizes instead.