My Top 5 Favorite Lifestyle Influencer YouTube Channels


Escape channels, dream life channels...whatever you call lifestyle influencer channels, they are highly addictive. I just marathoned my favorite one the other day and by the end of the day I felt like I was in a beautiful energy and wanted to play in the garden and make a fine supper with Italian cafe music in the background.

We all enjoy peeking into lives we wish we were having in locations that are unbelievable, living the good life. Here's some of my (Sharon) personal favorites in reverse order - 

It is nearly impossible to pick the top 5 favorites, as I love an assortment of homesteaders and road travelers, surfers and more. But, these seem to be the 5 that hold my attention the most. 


A couple on an island in British Columbia erect a Yurt, and begin the process of foraging, growing food, solar power, off-grid living. Week to week you get hooked on seeing them start a new project for their compound, train the dogs to deal with bears, go hunting for mushrooms. The scenery is off the charts with beautiful filming and lots of British Columbia showcased for its virgin beauty. It's like a non-drama soap opera you can't stop watching. (BTW, if you like this, look for "Vegan Athlete" or "Off Grid Athlete" and you will find Jake's older videos when he lived in Arizona and grew a food forest - he got me absolutely hooked on growing my own food)


This charming Irish lady in a beautiful green world, lives the most peaceful, simple, no-waste, healthy, and contemplative life. Her soothing voice narrates you through the garden, green pathways, simple ways to live and eat. And if your BP isn't lowered by the end of her charming company, you are made of steel. In the end, she reminds us to slow down and be focused in the now.


You watch it once and that's it - you're all in for every video he makes. This youngster is living the great life in New England, building a cabin, photographing, enjoying the seasons, camping. The videos are the most beautiful and lush portrayals possible of New England countryside. You want to jump in there and be living that. There are times, I replay his autumn videos dozens of times. Even the music is awesome. His attitude is great. He takes you along with him and his buds on adventures to see more beauty than you thought possible. Kudos to LL Bean for picking him up. He's a dream rep.


Jonna is one of my all-time faves. She owns the north lands in Sweden! Her photography and audio captures of this amazing icy land are like something out of a Hollywood dreamland creation. It's hard to believe sometimes that a place like this exists. And within the icy north, this unbelievably talented artist and her jewelry-designing husband share a life we can enjoy vicariously. It is a true example of her photography and artistry skills when you see how she creates these videos. 


This is my absolute favorite and it's because it suits a need I have always had - to live in an artist commune of a sort. I loved the movies "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Stealing Beauty" and they had that easygoing Italian vibe, art, beauty, good food, great company, don't sweat it.... This lovely and adorably real makeup artist lives in a seaside/cliffside town in Italy called Positano. There, she and her love and their daughter enjoy a charming life, growing their own food, hiking the hillside, playing in the ocean, eating at restaurants, creating amazing healthy meals, and feed the chickens. She is a charming host for this beautiful village and I marathon her videos all day long sometimes just so I can remind myself of the pace of an artistic and agrarian culture and the beauty of slowing down and savoring a meal or a view. Warning - it's impossible to watch just one video! 

There are plenty more lifestyle channels I enjoy, as well. Some are quirky like Christine O'Connell and others are charming like The Cottage Fairy. Whatever lifestyle you imagine would be a dream, like living on a South Pacific island or a New York Penthouse, you can find these channels out there. Often times when you look at one channel, it advises others. And if you like a channel, you might see what they are subscribed to. Happy lifestyle dreaming!

I find that these channels really help give us the escape we need. It is like being able to experience a dream lifestyle and know that it's possible - it's out there. It gives you a visual, a target, some aspect you want to adopt. These really are a mental health escape.