Organizing the New Year


A new year lurks days away and half-hearted resolutions aside, the real magic in a new year is a new slate. Retailers seem to know that we folks are bound to search for bins and baskets, closet organizers and shoe trees. So, let's look at how and why we should refresh for 2021 -

If we could find matching socks and not have to scramble through panties, we might feel more on top of things. There is something about seeing it all lined up in a row, like in a clothing store, that makes you feel classy.

These can be used anywhere in the house and allow more "table space" to display plants, photos and other beloved items. In a bathroom, the cubes could hold supplies like toilet paper, Kleenex, and cleaning supplies.

I love basket cubes and have a lot of them. I'm really fond of the wicker ones because they are so attractive while hiding the bits and pieces of my life.

If you already have a coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave on the counter, why have a butcher block stand to stuff knives into. This chic restaurant-vibe solution is a great one!

This solution is a dream! You can place all your art/craft items in it and roll it away into a coat closet or other location and pull it out when you want to use it. Or, you can place it in the kitchen, set up your coffee making tools atop it and spices, potatoes, whatever in the drawers. 

Traveling gets you out of your usual routine and it's super easy to forget your medicines or vitamins. This is a dream!

This is perhaps one of the smartest purchases. Being able to keep your desk free of debris is critical to getting things done fast and efficent so you can spend your time on other things like sunshine and exercise.

These reusable, easily removable hooks are a dream. I use them for hanging scarves, curling irons, hats and umbrellas. In fact, some of these on the inside of your coat closet door gives you fast easy access. 

Here's hoping 2021 is not so frantic and disorganized, either in the work and personal world or in your home.