Strange Weather Phenomenon


Brincle - underwater icicle

Strange weather phenomenon is an amazing thing to witness. If you've witnessed any of these, you've been in an interesting weather location!

ice balls
along sandy shorelines you might find these when temperatures are just slightly below freezing and the shore is shallow.

volcanic lightning
This can occur within a volcanic plume.

snow rollers
Just the right textures of snow and wind and these bits of snow can roll along, collecting more.

morning glory
These occur in Australia and have baffled many. Believed to be an interesting crossing of weather streams, they are very unique.

ball lightning
these luminescent orbs are said to occur during thunderstorms and last longer than a lightning strike, can travel horizontally.

broken spectre
This odd optical phenomenon occurs when a person is standing on a mountain and the sun hits them from behind, casting a rainbow around their shadow.

lenticular clouds
When moist air hits a protrusion like a mountain.

blue lava
A volcano in Indonesia is red in the daytime, but when nighttime comes, it glows a blue color. This is due to pure sulfuric output.

I was actually directly under this one when it dumped. The storm dropped its contents so heavily, I couldn't see the end of my car hood. When it hits the ground, the winds rushing along the surface are unbelievably intense.