5 Movies That Motivate Dreams


It's a new year and our goals have shifted as our priorities definitely did. There's one thing for tough times is that they tend to take us off autopilot and we start driving the vehicle. For many of us, we have realized that there is the life the media and the Internet told us we must want and then there's the one we wish to form with our own hands more organically and less mass-produced.

Here's a variety of types of movies that will motivate you to dream, ponder, and keep focused on the goal. 

the secret life of walter mitty

For anyone who has felt put-upon, neglected, invisible, outcast, and robotic in daily living, this is THE film to watch. A man who daydreams an alternate life because he doesn't actually have one, finds himself challenged to own his place here. 
We all can relate to daydreams versus doing and the immense weight of regrets on missed opportunities


under the tuscan sun

For anyone who just wants to leave and start over again. Once this woman fell out of a marriage, she had nothing left to lose, so she spontaneously bought a villa in Tuscany and left the past behind to build her own future, her way. (Based on a true story and the book is most excellent!)
At some point, we all have felt the desire to runaway and start over.


For those who have what seemed like insurmountable obstacles and f-ups in their lifetime. This woman's only constant in her life was her mother and when she passed, there was a long way to fall. The only way out of rock bottom was to hike an impossible route from the southern border to the northern border of the US. And finally she was able to cry and accomplish the impossible. (This is a true story and the book is excellent.)
We all have felt at some point that we fell from grace.


the pursuit of happyness 
For those who have found life very hard and uncertain. A single father with a brilliant has to raise his son homeless. He struggles to make a better life for him. (This is based on a biography)
We have all understood the scary logistics of life and survival.


the theory of everything

For those who sometimes feel life keeps giving them obstacles. This movie is based on theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking's life. Just when his research was beginning, Stephen came down with a diagnosis of motor neuron disease and 2 years to live. Despite that, he perservered and led a long life contributing to what we know about the universe. (this is based on Stephen Hawking's book)
We all have understood the feeling when a giant obstacle gets in the way of our purpose here on earth. 

There are some other great films that inspire in a variety of ways, whether it's playfulness, creativity, overcoming struggles, or staying the path. Here's some honorable mentions -

Devil Wears Prada
Good Will Hunting
Erin Brockovich
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Secret Garden 
The Women 
The Kings of Summer