Natural Ways to Tap Into Positive Energy


There are thousands of ways to tap into energy and use it for good. 

It's surprising to realize that as humans upon the earth, we are "swimming" through energy streams all the time and can utilizing them for a forward thrust, to reach goals, to improve health, to make dreams come true. 

I'm going to explain ways to find the energy flow and dive in and swim with it - 


It goes without saying that sitting in the sun creates a very mellow soothing energy. You know that feeling when you close your eyes, face to the sun, and behind your eyelids it's a happy orange glow? Your joints relax, your skin feels alive, your breathing is slow and deep....

There are some great side benefits of a sense of euphoria, youthful flexibility, vitamin D and a healthy glow. 


The practice of going barefoot on the earth is a very popular thing these days. There is some very real advantages to doing this. Man is intelligent, but he is also a biological creature of the earth and so flesh to ground is a confirmation, a centering, a profound way to feel the energy of our planet directly into our largest organ - our skin. The electrical frequencies of the earth can also be sensed at a very core level of our ability to gather info around us.

There are some side benefits to grounding. Walking barefoot in the grass gets you outdoors with sunlight and time to reconnect with nature instead of the house which is basically un-nature. 

Music/Sound frequencies

Sound frequencies are an amazing thing - they can even heal bodies, attack kidney stones, lower blood pressure, change moods, and affect our overall energy. 

If your life had a soundtrack, what would it be? 

For me, to get my ambition and energy up, I go back to my 20s and the great 1980s tunes as they make me immediately feel like a young adult on her own the first time and living near the beach and starting her work career. 

If I want to get in touch with my essence of who I am, I tap into 1970s childhood tunes with easygoing vibes like England Dan and John Ford Coley and The Eagles. 

When I am wanting to relax and feel my romantic energy, I might tap into some Sade or perhaps reggae tunes. 

Always keep music in groupings so you can hit a playlist for "ready to take on the world" or "mini vacation," etc. 

On YouTube you can often find binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies to help issues. 


When you feel lacking in energy, it seems counterintuitive to exercise, but that's precisely what is needed. We often stay up at night because our bodies didn't get enough movement during the day and it's been in a seated perpetual sleep-like stasis during waking hours.

Once you move your body, whether it's emotionally uplifting dance or anger-dispersing run, it's all good. Your blood flows, you feel euphoric, you build muscle, and you sleep well. 

Remember as kids how we chased the birds, flapping our wings, shifted over to splashing in water with the currents, bounced on tree limbs with the wind? We were joining the energy that is out there and becoming a dynamic of it. 

I love to dance to let emotions out and I storm on my elliptical as I love the feeling of marching, determination, and muscle building of the glutes and leg muscles. A day of heavy yardwork and housework, renovation, landscaping, or furniture rearranging and I am ready to sleep. 

Try different sorts of activity from walking to Tai Chi, from swimming to dancing, from house and yard work to hiking. Build new muscles and let the body adapt to new methods and usage instead of doing the same grind that doesn't challenge new bone and muscle growth. 


We hear a lot about manifesting these days and this creates an amazing energy. You simply visualize in your mind something you really want and see it in detail, feel the emotions of having obtained it. This is a total shift in your energy, determination and the driving force for your days.

As a basketball player, I used to imagine the ball leaving my hands and swishing into the basket. That visualization actually creates tension in those muscles as if you are throwing the ball. Your body reacts.

Try imagine feeling the waxy bumpy surface of a lemon and then biting into it. You didn't really eat one, but your salivary glands act as if you did.

Of all the natural energies that can change you around, the thought process is top of the list. Just remember the last time you were having a bad day and then good news came and you were dancing across the floor with excitement. That is the power of the mind to change a dialogue. 

My favorite trick is to imagine myself a character in a romantic comedy. When there are obstacles, embarrassments, rejection, it seems part of a plot line and that in the checks and balances of life, it springs back to victory further down the storyline. This is written into my life so when stuff seems like a disruption in the plans, I recognize it as part of the plot line plans. 

Remember, there are no obstacles in your path. The obstacles are your path. 


It's intriguing to note how humans have laughter as a response to stimuli. Why is that? In the gracious consideration of designing us, did our Maker decide laughter might be a good reset button? Well, it seems that most laughter is a truly bonding and unifying, resilient and necessary part of being human. We laugh in groups, at ourselves, at situations, at novelty. And somehow, shared laughter makes us feel like a bonded social group. 

Never underestimate laughter's importance in healing, as well. This includes healing of the mind, body, soul, and heart. 

The energy created by laughter makes us feel more secure about our place in the universe, more optimistic about outcomes, and more bonded with others. 

When I need a good laugh, I enjoy watching funny dog and cat videos on YouTube or America's Funniest Videos. Some of my favorite movies to laugh with include "Paul," "The Jerk," "Captain Ron," and "Wedding Crashers." 


Qigong ("CHEE-gong")

This mind-body-spirit practice is a bit meditation, a bit of mindful breathing, and a bit stretching. The flowing slow movements are one of the very best ways I know of to actually feel the energy that comes from the sky and earth and enters you and you flow with it. 

It's quite amazing and I do this regularly every morning and evening. In the morning, it helps me focus for the day ahead and in the evening it helps me slow down and sleep great!

There are a myriad of more chemical ways to create energy like coffee, B12, ginko biloba, et cetera, but why use these when you can simply refocus your mind and body to the energies around you. 

We often look at children at play and wish we had that energy again. Children don't have constructs that keep them from playing and having fun, so they rush around. It isn't that they naturally wish to run and play, but that nothing in life is bogging them down and making them feel guilty for dancing, climbing, singing, and lying in the grass absorbing sunlight. Their bond with the forces of energy out there hasn't been broken by the "I want to lie in the sun but I have a job to do and bills to pay" thought process we have that redirects us from those natural drives.








If you can, get your face in sunlight, listen to music, go for a walk, play in the garden, have a laugh - even if it's just a pick-me-up instead of afternoon coffee.