Recapturing the 1970s in Your Daily Life


Some decades hold dear in our memories and senses. The 1970s was a mellow bohemian time, much like the style vibe of today with people living off-grid, downsizing, growing food, and wearing hemp. It's definitely a 70s-inspired time. 

Here are some great ways to bring that vibe back into your life. Sometimes, it's just going back to the basics of childhood that make you feel at home again.

Make some Body on Tap beer-infused shampoo 

1 c shampoo (VO5 works great)
1 c beer
Bring beer to a boil in saucepan and reduce heat and let it simmer uncovered until it is about 1/4 c worth. Cool. Add to shampoo. 

Did you work hard to do Farrah hair?  The updated version is beach curls and much easier! 

Remember a world without cell phones, computers, DVD players, or 2000 cable channels?

Making a concerted effort to put the phone and computer away for long periods of time (hours or even days) is a tough commitment, but we lived forever without them. We simply left answering machine messages. If we called and someone was on the phone, we got a busy signal. 

We weren't on call 24/7. 

That's a big part of why we miss the 70s, just being able to go out and about without interruption and redirection.

Did you braid your hair at night to crimp it for the next day? How about a new take on the bohemian vibe of doing bead and string wraps of your braids? 

Here's the beads and string I got for my desert pirate style - 

Some flavors to revisit - how about an adult version of the 1970s favorite Tang? This is REALLY GOOD!

The Buzzed Aldrin (Food Channel - Trisha Yearwoodx) 

2 T. of Tang powdered mix

1-1/2 T grenadine

1 slice lemon

1 c. club soda

vodka or rum 

Put Tang powder in glass and slowly add grenadine until it sinks. Add some ice cubes. Add lemon rind. Add club soda and a splash of vodka or rum. 

The 1970s were all about crafting - big time! And so much of it is coming back in vogue again.

Here's some kits to get you started - 

Macrame plant hangers kit

Latch hook rugs kit

Dream catcher kit

Stud your jean jacket

Make feather earrings

Candle making

Tie Dyeing

Soap Making

Remember burning incense? Scent can take you back in seconds - 


Surround yourself with nostalgic tunes from singers/bands like -

Carly Simon, John Denver, Eagles, Kansas, Eddie Money, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, The Doobie Brothers, Bee Gees, Jethro Tull, Cheap Trick....

Health food stores were the craze in the 1970s. People were eating like Euell Gibbons

Remember being a daredevil in the 1970s? I was a freestyle rollerskater, skateboarder, diver, basketball player, tennis player, treefort-building, parachute-dreaming kid. Evel Knievel might have some influence.

I'm admittedly reticent to skate again at this age, but my bestie and I are going to take her new side-by-side and trek out to ghost towns and abandoned sites to photograph. We will chase Bigfoot, UFOs and ghosts all over the southwest. 

To physically push myself, working on some landscaping and renovation, as well as trying to beat my run time on the elliptical machine. 

Dance has always been a way that I exercise without feeling I'm exercising and it lets out all the youthful enthusiasm that never seems to fade for me. 

Perhaps it's time to find a zip line to ride, sleep in a treefort, pick up bike riding again, or go exploring in the woods....

If you loved the 70s, you will really enjoy Julie's and my book Zombie Housewives of the 1970's from our Zombie Housewives series of dark urban humor. Imagine a 3-Mile Island incident in a city like Chicago - everyone turns to zombies. A wall is erected. And the rest of the country watches on their TVs and eagerly reads their magazines to find out what the zombie people are doing. They start a totally new fashion with their orange-looking flesh. America takes on the passtime of suntanning! 


  1. I still drink TANG!

    FWIW: The ONE MODERN THING I would miss if went back to the 70s would be digital photography and digital videography. Two of my hobbies are KAP {"Kite Aerial Photography"} and KAV {"Kite Aerial Video"}. Both of those things have benefited GREATLY from digital technology.

    I think anything else I do would get by using 1970s technology.


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