Summer Beach-Themed Movies

It's the latter half of January and no doubt most of us are daydreaming about warm beaches and golden sunlight. It's time for a beach movie marathon and we're going to group them by type - 

Let's begin with location categories - 


Couple's Retreat (three couples go to a couple's counseling retreat in the South Pacific to support one friend couple and their marital issues, only to find out they all seem to have issues)

Just Go With It (a plastic surgeon falls for a much-younger woman and has to ask his assistant to pose as his ex-wife and bring her kids along on a vacation to Hawaii with the new girlfriend)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (after a breakup with a popular tv actress, a musician decides to getaway to Hawaii to only run into her and her new famous musician boyfriend)

A Perfect Getaway (a couple on vacation in Hawaii to hike way out into the jungle to a special beach, arrive when a killer couple is loose and, just their luck, they end up hiking with a sketchy couple)

Flirting With Forty (a divorced woman's friend gives her a trip to Hawaii and this turning-40 lady falls for a man who is 27)

Blue Crush (ambitious surfer girls in Hawaii)

Point Break (a federal agent goes undercover with surfers to uncover some criminals)


Fool's Gold (a newly divorced couple come together once again to find a lost treasure in the Caribbean)

Against All Odds (a man is sent by his boss to retrieve his lover, only to fall for her)

Captain Ron (a family inherits a sailboat and has a goofball captain teach them sailing)

My Father the Hero (an adolescent girl on the cusp of womanhood must vacation with her dad in the Caribbean, as she hopes for her first kiss from a cute island boy)

Spring Break (ribald swimsuit-only beach fun in Ft. Lauderdale)


Dead Calm (a grieving couple that lost their child go to sea in their sailboat only to run into a lone survivor of a boating incident)

Captain Ron (a family inherits a sailboat and has a goofball captain teach them sailing.

Cast Away (a man is a lone survivor of an airplane crash and is stuck for years on an island)

Six Days, Seven Nights (a woman hires a pilot in the South Pacific and during a storm they crash and try to survive on an island but their clashing personalities and attraction to each other makes it more stormy than the skies)

The Savage is Loose (a father, mother and young child get shipwrecked on an island and raise their son, but when hormones of teen years hits him, he is willing to fight his dad for his mom)

Blue Lagoon (lonely shipwrecked kids grow into adolescence and fall in love)


Gidget (an awkward teen finds her "thing" in surfing and boys)

Beach Blanket Bingo (the crazy adorable antics of teens hitting the beach)

Summer School (an unconventional teacher decides the class should go to the beach to learn)


Shirley Valentine (adorable movie of a forgotten housewife who takes a trip to Greece and decides not to go home)

Summer Lovers (a
 gorgeous young couple having their out of college freedom summer with lots of free loving in Greece)

Adore (a couple of women who grew up on the beach in Australia end up having affairs with each others son)


The Other Woman (a wife finds out there's another woman, befriends her and they find out there is yet another woman....)

Weekend at Bernie's (a couple of upwardly mobile workers find some fraud at their company, point it out to the boss, and he invites them to the Hamptoms -- unknowingly to them to have them off'd)

Now, let's divide them into genre categories -


Captain Ron 
Weekend at Bernie's 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 
My Father the Hero 
Summer School 
Beach Blanket Bingo 
The Other Woman 
Couple's Retreat 
Just Go With It


Summer Lovers
Six Days, Seven Nights
Spring Break 
Fool's Gold 
Flirting With Forty
Blue Lagoon


A Perfect Getaway 
The Savage is Loose 
Dead Calm 
Shirley Valentine 
Point Break 
Against All Odds

How about some real-life beachy living by YouTube lifestyle influencers? -


The Smith Brothers
(three strapping health-conscious serious surfer brothers and their home, their on-the-road surfing, beach lifestyle, very clean diet, self-development practices like ice water dips and yoga)

Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone
(a man and woman and their new wee child living the on the beach surfer lifestyle)

The Positano Diaries
(makeup artist lives in a charming cliffside village in Italy, spending time in the garden and the beach)

Ellen Fisher (a super healthy vegan mom raising her kids in the beach setting with amazing lifestyle and recipe offerings)

Continue the daydreams, I know I am....