Tiny Home Villages Are Popping Up Around the Country!


Tiny home living has not only gained popularity as a debt-free alternative for living space, but has had America rethink the McMansions and $$ lost to buying things to fill them with. 

Good news is - real tiny living alternatives are popping up. 

Tuxbury Tiny House Village 
Amesbury, MA

Ideal tiny homes for summer visitors to the Northeast. The square footage ranges from 180-275 sqft. 

In a beautiful area with orchards, pool, wineries, this sounds like the dream getaway. 

Tuxbury also has other villages and many models to choose from. 

Austin, TX

This large-acreage village offers homes for those who have had chronic homelessness. The phases of building include things like a bus stop, woodworking shop, screenprinting studio, and other supportive services and abilities for the homeless to earn income. 

Olympia, WA

This project seeks to give the homeless safe places to live. From living in tents to living in safe homes.

Washington, DC

This has been a nice example of how downsizing, minimalistic living can be achieved in affordable housing within a city. Imagine not needing a car, having your own private home, but being in the heart of things? 

Second Wind
Ithaca, NY

This is another fantastic concept for helping the chronically homeless. 

Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

A tiny house village in a sought after high-elevation area of Arizona is a brilliant idea. It will include a 6-acre garden, greenhouses, solar panels, chickens... The whole shebang! Square footage ranges from 162-399 sqft, even able to have a guest house for 144 sqft. 

Tampa Bay, FL

This looks like my kind of village! Houses tucked under trees with beauty and privacy. 

Tracy City, TN

You can customize your tiny home. The models are adorable. What a getaway! 

Whether you want a tiny home for a vacation getaway, as a primary home, or a shelter from homelessness, this trend is catching on big-time. It means downsizing and living outdoors more than indoors. It also means being debt-free and capable of locking up and traveling. 

The only thing I'd like to see is community veggie garden in the central area and possibly larger more private yards. They appear to have about as much space as many trailer parks and anyone with dogs or wanting to garden in their yard, are limited. I would like to see no HOA fees either.