I readily admit, I'm not a rose or orchid lady. I love wildflowers with sunflowers being my #1. It's early to be thinking about planting (soil should be at least 55F), but it's a good time to think about varieties and planting locations.

Revel in the magic that is wildflowers. Remember daisy chains? 

Some wildflowers are annuals (bloom and die off and don't come back) and some are perineals (come back each year).

Just some to consider - 

Shasta daisy, black-eyed Susan, cornflower, California poppy, purple coneflower, zinnia, cosmos, sunflower, lupine, forgrt me not, bachelor's button.

Flower mixes are the prettiest as they look so natural as if they just popped up in a meadow. Here's some kinds for various locations -  


A side benefit to wildflowers?

Attracting wildlife! 

And having a wide variety of happy-colored flowers to perk up your home. For wildflowers, nothing works better than country/farm style pieces, jugs, porcelain and tin pitchers, and crockware. 

(to place on top of soil)

(to place on top of soil)

If you aren't a gardener, you can still enjoy the vibes of wildflowers from wall art to fabrics. 

Happy wildflower'ing!