Camping Gear For Chasing the Unexplained


There's camping and then there is UFO watching, Bigfoot investigating, or haunted campgrounds treks. 

I thought I'd share some great things to make both the camping trip more comfortable and breezy and the investigation more effective. (links provided below photos)

I believe that the more you can see at night, the better your advantage. Using flashlights is fine for hoofing it, but when you want to know what's hiding out there, you don't want to advertise yourself with a wide swath of light, especially if what you are searching for does not like light. 

Infrared "night vision" is very helpful to see without a flashlight, but thermal imaging is also a huge boon as anything putting off heat will show up and every living creature does have heat. 

People go missing and get lost every day out in nature, especially traipsing around at night. Cell phones don't always get signal, but if you carry a tracker, search parties can find you. It's a worthy investment. 

If you want to pack less, prepare for nighttime in an easier manner but sleep in a comfortable position, I highly suggest a camping hammock with mosquito netting.

No matter what you are investigating, be sure that you have audio recording going at your campsite area. I'd suggest one that offers voice activation. You can set the recorder out and if something sounds loud enough, it begins recording. Whether you have child ghost giggling or Bigfoot screaming, you'll capture it. It's also great to have on hand in case you want to take field notes.

I'm crazy about outdoor cooking and here's a nice kit that puts all you need together. 

Camping lights are necessary as often times fires are not allowed in forests with high fire danger.

When you're out in nature, you will need a way to recharge laptops, tablets, cell phones and other rechargeable devices. I highly suggest a solar one. It's also good to keep in your car should you be stuck somewhere.

I have a photography vest that is mesh with about a dozen and a half pockets. It's amazing! No backpack. All I need is in the pockets and even good places for water bottle and loops for caribeaners to carry more. 

One of the more critical things when out in the field is clean water. Here's a filtration system that is easy to use.

Starting a fire with wet matches? Not a problem anymore if you have a flint. 


Here's some ideas for camping places with high chance of unexplained encounters

Bigfoot Camping Sites
Fallen Leaf Campground, Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada border)
East Fork Campground, Willow Creek, CA
Beaver Creek State Park, OH
Sam Houston National Park, TX

Haunted Camping Sites
Big Moose Lake, NY
Braley Pond, VA
Holy Ghost Campground, NM
Bannock State Park, MT

UFO Watching Camping Sites
Marfa Texas "Marfa Lights"
San Luis Valley Campground, CO
Crescent Moon campground, Sedona, AZ
Mt Shasta, CA
Painted Rock, Gila Bend, AZ

Please report back if you find anything good in the field. Julie and I always encourage readers to share their experiences.