Chromotherapy - Healing With Color

Some folks know that they aren't going to sit down and meditate. Maybe they don't want to look inward, they get restless, they watch the clock, but they know they need something to get them balanced again.

Chromotherapy is an interesting alternative utilizing a 10-30 minute period of time during the day when you're doing nothing else, just wearing the glasses and getting the benefits of that color. 

Chromotherapy glass set

Wearing these 10-30 minutes a day when not doing other activities is a fantastic way to utilize your eyes for signalling hormones that relax or focus your energy.  

Here's the colors and their benefits -

Red: Confidence, Safety, self-confidence, power.
Orange: Sociability, happiness, social confidence, joy.
Yellow: Cheerfulness, mental clarity, confidence, creativity.
Green: Feelings of peace, love, harmony and relaxation.
Aqua: Feelings of purity, relaxation, calmness.
Blue: Feelings of improved communication, confidence in speaking.
Indigo: Feelings of serenity, stillness, internal peace, heightened creativity.
Violet: Feelings of creativity, inspiration, selflessness, and generosity.
Magenta: Feelings of emotional balance, and internal relaxation.
Pink: Feelings of relaxation, reduced aggression, and appetite suppression.

Happy glass time!