Finding Your Bliss


One huge take-away from COVID has been slowing down, appreciating what you have, saving money, having time at home, breathing....

There is a huge movement from the McMansion over-consumption culture that left us with little cash and lots of debt. As well, we began to realize if systems broke down, we were not fully prepared to be independent from either the grid or the internet. 

Let's talk about how to find your bliss as focus is shifting from acquisition to position. 

If you want to learn more about your genuine happiness, start taking note of how many of these in each category are you. See what category has the most check marks. You can learn your first priority down to your last by category. 

Is your bliss knowing you're secure? 

Divesting investments
Extreme coupon stocking up?
Smaller residence?
Fewer bills?
Extreme couponing for storing?
Gaining more skills for building/repairing/medical/growing foods?
Solar power?

Community living with other couples/singles?

Is your bliss time with family and friends? Encouraging friends to call instead of chatting in messenger?
Leaving the internet and setting the cell aside?
Board game night? 
Tea party?
Virtual Zoom book clubs?
Going for a walk? 
Teaching a skill to a youth?
Recording family history and photos?
Hosting holidays?  

Is your bliss a hobby or talent? 

Playing an instrument? 
Home decor design?
Word puzzles? 
Creating memes? 

Is your bliss time with nature? 

Bird watching?
Mushroom picking?
Hammock naps?

Is your bliss reading or writing? 

Journal writing?
Writing a book?
Handwritten letters to family and friends?
Library time?
Free Kindle books on Amazon?

Is your bliss feeling healthy and confident in your own skin?

Working out? 
Heavy house and yard work?
Growing your own food?
Farmer's Markets?
Healthy cooking?
Self-improvement books and classes? 
Learning more about nutrition and lifestyle?

Is your bliss novel experiences? 

Meeting new people?
Going to events?
Trying new sports?
Learn a new language?
Try a new cuisine?
Change careers? 
Live out of an RV?
Moving to another country?
Trying skydiving? 

Is your bliss the spiritual/helping others?

Church attendance?
Volunteer work?
Counseling friends?
Listening to others problems?
Setting an example? 
Working in a group for a common goal?

Is your bliss creative exploration?

Coming up with new uses for objects?
Writing witty captions on photos?
Expressing your art with music?
Collecting seashells, sea glass, rocks?
Writing a book?
Joining a writer's group?
Designing and sewing a dress?

Once you realize the categories of bliss that are hugely important to you, you can understand what your priorities should be and how to enhance that category in your life. You can combine them too - 

For me, my top two were - 

Creative exploration
Time with nature 

With these two manners of bliss, I can unite them into a host of possibilities - 

I can create bohemian unusual birdfeeders, birdhouses, windchimes for the garden utilizing things found in nature. I can also take my easel outside and paint a scene live. When I am gardening, I can create unusual trellises utilizing found objects. The very act of designing the landscape is a creative process. I could make a mural on the garden wall, perhaps. I can play with hybridizing peppers. Rock stacks are another fantastic creative outlet outdoors. Making videos while hiking or moving into the use of drone outdoors might be great options. 

You can see where I'm going with this - your bliss awaits you and all you have to do is find out how to run with it!