Prefab Tiny Houses on Amazon


1409 sqft
2 bedrooms, 1 bath

Given the past year around the globe, I think we all have considered paring down, downsizing, less bills, taking up less space, owning a home outright. These are really important considerations as the majority of us have lived outside our means a long time and one disruption in the workforce situation and we are pondering bankruptcy or homelessness. 

Let's look at the trend that has now become a rage - tiny homes. Here's some on Amazon that make it possible, with some insulation, wiring, and plumbing, to have a home that costs little to erect.

$11,190 - LINK

This wee tot above is the tiniest one worth considering at about 227 square feet, you can just about fit a small bed and a desk and chair, but it is a nice consideration for a guest house or studio. 

 $32,990 - LINK

This one above is a pretty good size for a single person or two ambitious people. It has triple glass windows and panes and a high ceiling 8'2".

$49,612 - LINK

This one above is a legit house size at 1409 sqft. It has two bedrooms and one bath. Be patient, as once you've ordered it, it may be 100-120 days to delivery.

$36,800 - LINK

This 20/40ft expandable tiny house with solar on the roof is a delight! This may be an ideal artist's studio or home office away from the household craziness.

$27,997 - LINK

Listed as a fast install 20-foot guest house, this one is absolutely cute. It comes with the kits for roofing, electrical, flooring, and plumbing. 

Lots of folks are turning almost anything into a tiny home, from school buses to cob buidings, earth bags, aircrete, sheds, barns, and more! 

There are numerous small home alternative channels on YouTube and here's some I suggest -