What Your Dream Vacation Says About You


Many of us haven't been on a vacation in a long long time. As much as you want to make a home that has you not needing a vacation, a home is still a cooking and cleaning responsibility, perhaps missing a pool or a fine restaurant. The dream vacations you conjure up in your mind say a lot about you. Let's check it out - 

exotic hard-to-reach locations

Places like Antarctica, Iceland, Easter Island... 

When you want to get away to a hard-to-reach or rarely-visited place, you are securing a checklist of to-do's in your life. It may not have as much to do with the qualities of the location, but about how few have ever gone there. 

You are a person who wants to check things off the list and are goal-oriented.

You might consider some unusual places like abandoned coal-mining Hashima Island in Japan, abandoned WWII outpost Aleutian islands in Alaska. 

If you can't get away to hard to reach locations, how about becoming a collector of items from them? Check out ebay and look for things like WWII Aleutian Island Relics, Maori art, artifacts from Antarctica abandoned stations...

a city of the arts

You daydream about Paris or Milan, with all the fashion, fine art, history and international cuisine. This is the vacation dream for the thinker and the lover of beauty and elevated living. 

You are an intellectual hedonist in search of mind and spirit elevation. 

Ideal locations for you can extend to ecovillages, locations like Arcosanti community in Arizona, Smithsonian museums in DC, wine country such as Napa Valley, California, or big cities like New York. 

If you can't getaway on a vacation, consider heading to the library for a stack of books and DVD classic movies, test your abilities at a regional food specialty. Eat on your patio. Try your hand at sketching. Order a print of a favorite piece of art to hang up in your home. 

a spa getaway

Massages, mud baths, yoga, healthy cuisine, and not a single chore ahead of you but contemplating the universe is a fine goal. 

What you really desire is revitalizing a worn down soul. 

Some ideal destinations for you might include hot springs, Sedona, Arizona, AirBNB on a farm, yoga and meditation spas.

If you can't get away on vacation, consider bringing the spa home with foot lotions, mud masks, fluffy robe, and a chair massager. 

a book on a beach

All you need is a book, a fruity cocktail, and a sloshing beach with warm sand. Perhaps you like to a stay in a casita near the water or a hotel on the boardwalk.

You desire utter surrender to nothing other than no chores and complete relaxation. 

This vibe can be found at a quiet mountain lakeside or a lesser known beach. 

If you can't get away on this seaside bookfest, consider gathering a stack of new reads and head into the backyard on a lounge chair or get a waterfall feature for in the home to have the relaxing sound of moving water while you pull out the library card and dust it off. 

seaside artist's colony

The energy of a beach community topped with the arts, fine food, and free-thinking folks is a fine draw for anyone. 

If you daydream about this kind of getaway, you are likely in search of a community that has your vibe

Ideally, you might enjoy Provincetown, Massachuetts, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, or Carmel, California.

If you can't getaway to find your peeps, consider going online and finding artist groups to join, go to a farmer's market, or an outdoor arts and crafts show in your area. 

big exciting city

The city offers parks, restaurants, plays, hustle and bustle of humanity at work. Being part of current culture and being able to walk to most locations.

This shows a strong desire to reconnect with humanity and be a part of something industrious. 

You might enjoy Toronto, Ontario, Chicago, Illinois, San Francisco, California, or Atlanta Georgia.

If you can't get away to the city, consider bringing city features to you. Pull out the "Sex and the City" series, order food to be delivered such as Chinese or pizza, and head to your own city's downtown for a day of windowshopping and lunching. 

historic or haunted

Romantics tend to love their history and being at the site of where events occurred or perhaps taking haunted tours of a town, staying in a ghost-filled bed and breakfast.... 

If this is the vacation you seek, you are likely a book reader or someone who gets delightfully caught up in the goosebumps of a good story. 

You might find a good deal of what you seek in places like Irish pubs, City of London, and Charleston, SC. 

If you can't get away, consider a trek to local historic sites, battlefields, talked about haunted railroad tracks, and ghost tours. At home, pop on some of the paranormal evidence shows or History Channel and feed your curiosity. 

road trekking

A vehicle, a highway, a map, and some snacks. You are in search of new sights and enjoy the trek as much as the arrival. 

The very act of driving yourself away from the work-a-day world is a process of leaving your role for a new one, an explorer. 

Locations like Historic Route 66, California State Route 1, and Appalachian Trail Route might be just your thing.  

If you can't take the time for a road trip overnighter, at least consider a day trek to some odd location you read about online like at Atlas Obscura or Weird US. Maybe visit a friend in a neighboring town or travel to a farm where you can pick produce. Roll down the window and be one with the road and the distance. 

Vacationing is like the summer break we had as kids. It's free time to do what we want. If you want to just sleep in on the weekend and head over to the community swimming pool, that's a mini vacay. Be sure that you set up your home with art, books, music, tasty foods, and a blender for mixed drinks. You can take the vacation in situ, and just feel like you're somewhere else.