Garden Hose Uses This Summer


A simple garden hose and so many possibilities for summer fun - 

Do you have some cutie grandkids running around? Here's a great toddler water play center - 

How about a cool down in the yard or patio? Sure, you can say it's for the kids, but you know you want to splash in it. I have this one and love it! 

Car wash kit - get some vitamin D, work some muscles, and have a real nice shine.

Sprinklers are easy ways to water a lawn, but they are irresistable to dance around on a hot day. 

Most plants prefer deep slow soaks rather than being sprayed on their leaves. A drip system is an easy solution. 

I readily admit, I love these water balloons on a hot day. Hook up the hose and it fills tons and tons of them all at once. 

Do you want to cool off on the patio? A mister system is easy to install and well worth it!

If you're putting the hose to rest - here's one idea - 

More novel uses - HERE 

Here's some fun games (LINK) for the grandkids using a garden hose.

Of course, many baby boomers remember this use