Homemade Beauty Products


I made three body lotion bars (shower conditioner body bars) that would cost about 27-35 bucks in stores like Lush.

Heated sesame oil, coconut oil and shea butter, aloe vera gel from garden, dandelion flowers from garden, let stay warm and melted on stove double boiler for about 15-30 mins. Strain. 

Add soy wax, vitamin C serum, grapefruit essential oil and spearmint essential oil. Stir and melt soy. Pour into a cupcake pan. Let harden.

After showering off and cleaning, use the bar like a soap on your body and it leaves a fantastic moisturized seal instead of lotion. Or, when not showering, simply rub in hands and spread over skin for lotioning.

These are good ingredients to have on hand. My face lotion is coconut oil with Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, and a drop of tea tree oil. 

For the foot lotion version, I melt shea butter in with the coconut oil and add vitamin C serum.

I keep the lotions in little jelly jars.

For lip balm I only use my own! You can get forms (below) to put them in and they make great gifts. Mine are one part coconut oil, one part shea butter and 2 parts soy wax to which I add spearmint essential oil. 

58 years old 
no store-bought wrinkle creams 

Body skin knows only natural ingredients from cocoa butter to coconut oil, shea butter, sesame oil

I am completely oblivious to beauty commericals and store bought items. Your skin is your biggest organ and it does absorb what you rub into it. I am not keen on chemicals being rubbed into something that should make me glow with youthful enthusiasm. 

With these sorts of products in your home, you can learn to make your own deodorant, hair conditioners, cuticle cream, undereye cream, and even sunblock.

There is nothing as sexy as a cabinet filled with natural ingredients and a happy afternoon with music playing and making your own products. They also make amazing gifts.