Living in the Present: How Nature Teaches Humility and Gratitude


The people who glean meaning from life tend to note the small things, like the person who let someone in front of them in the checkout line, an ant struggling with a piece of cake, the way the rain dribbles down the roof line. And these things make them smile with reassurance that with great humility we note the things that produce gratitude.

It's really simple to appreciate life.
It's all around you. 
And it costs nothing but your time and focus.
Walk through the yard, take note of the buds of springtime.
Blow some bubbles and watch the wind carry them to the sky.
Pick some wildflowers and put them in some used wine bottles (dye them easy with food coloring and glue and water, rolled around inside the bottle).
Stalk the birds, bees, and butterflies.

And if you live your life with humility and gratitude for the natural world, you might just pass it on to your grandchildren....

Stop and take inventory around you. 

Somewhere around you right now, something beautiful is occurring from the curve of someone's smile to a cloud leaving shadows, from a happy song playing to a bird soaring overhead. 

It's the simple things that give us appreciation. Did you ever have a time when you were out camping and you sat by a river and watched the dragonflies buzzing, listened to the bubbling sound, and felt the wind on your face and when you went back home, you felt renewed? 

Renewal is one observance away - one present moment archived....

It's as simple as this -