Patio Pool: Simple Cheap Way to Revive This Summer


Summer is something we wait all winter for and then when the reality hits (heat and humidity), we tend to retreat inside. What if you make your home a real getaway? Just a simple inflatable pool does more for the soul than you can imagine - 

Imagine taking a break from work to splash in the patio pool? You can have fun with it, putting tall potted lemon trees around it or a table with candles. I like to blow bubbles while I cool off. There is something about the simple act of watching them float away and pop that brings back treat easygoing summer memories. 

If you set your life up with retreats around you, beauty, hobbies, art, music, foods, gardens, houseplants, comfy blankets, great books - you can feel like you're at a getaway spa. Don't wait to be able to afford a huge in the ground pool. Splash now!