The Colors of Spring: Bringing Them Into Your Everyday Life


Back in the 80s, the hot trend was seasonal coloring. Are you a Winter who looks good in jewel tones? How about an Autumn in Mustard and Spice tones? Maybe you're a Summer in clear icy shades? I am a Spring in the colors of grass and new blooms. 

Julie and I spent a day out photographing the colors of springtime as Phoenix is just blooming like mad right now. The colors of spring are pastel, but clear and bright, perky, watery at times, like the prisms of a glass. 

We hope this imagery gets you in a springtime mood and possibly inspired with a home palette that wears the season year-round for all the happiness it brings. 

It's hard not to feel upbeat and full of warmth and energy when you view springtime. Really look around you for the signs. They come in tiny green buds, daffodils, Easter eggs, citrus fruit, new leaves....

Spring showers bring blossoms, but the water, the sky with puffy clouds, the movement of wind and water, trees rustling overhead, grass bending as it turns green. It's energy. Frequency. Healing. 

Spring colors are bubbly, warm, but light, upbeat, like terminal optimism. 

To bring a clean, fresh and healthy attitude to your home and a vibrancy to your wardrobe, it's great to tap this palette. 

What are spring colors? 
Cut open a citrus fruit like lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, orange. Grass green, yellow-green, coral, aquamarine, periwinkle, honey, camel, sunshine yellow, apricot, and violet. 

If the color seems like it would have a taste or smell when you simply look at it, you know you're on the right path with the spring palette. Tart? Sweet? Flowery? Crisp? Green? 

Now, to bring the colors into your own fashion and home, consider some tiny touches to say you know the season is changing - 

Aqua paint

Daffodil pot

Glass bowl

Coral sundress

Periwinkle handbag

Some foods include - 

asparagus, artichokes, mint, peas, carrots, salad greens, citrus, radishes.

Some color inspirations include - 

Do you need more spring fever? Get inspired with some great movies that remind you of spring 

Under the Tuscan Sun
The Secret Garden (1993)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
The Sound of Music
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Spring Breakers
Easter Parade
Pride and Prejudice 

We have more springtime to share soon - taking it to a new level!