The Groovy New Life Cocktail: "Ghost Town Margarita"


White as a ghost and likely to wake the dead!

Julie and I decided it was time to come up with a southwest-inspired cocktail that represents Groovy New Life. We are all about working with what you have around you, trying new things, heat and zest, taste and heritage. 

Our "Ghost Town Margarita" really embodies what we are all about. 

We began with something we couldn't resist, 21 Seeds "Cucumber Jalepeno Tequila." Oh wow - very cucumber scented but with a subtle heat. 

From that very southwestern beginning, we added some elements that would cool off the hottest ghost town and wake the spirits - 


We froze it in ice cube trays, put the cubes in a magic bullet blender with some of the liquid limeade juice. We added a healthy dose of the tequila. We took the glasses and rubbed the rims with the inside flesh of ab jalepeno and rolled the rim in sea salt. 

This cocktail was seriously off the charts! The heat is subtle and a bit of a tiny background sting on your lips from the jalepeno rim. It's tart, but not overly like a regular margarita because the cooling cucumber adds a crisp taste. It's so refreshing. It's like something a cowboy might dream about out on the range.

More southwest-themed cocktails coming -