Water Lovers: How to Honor Your Obsession


Maybe it was because my father was from Norway and a long line of vikings or that he was in the South Pacific Asiatic Fleet for 20 years, but I was raised around water and been in love ever since. 

If you're a water lover, let's talk about ways to bring this simple soothing powerful force into your life again - 

I'll begin with a photo review of my obsession with water. 

Even my photography and art are obsessed with it. One way to honor your love of water is to consider photography, watercolors, or even creating jewelry made of shells. 

Consider adding a water feature inside your home for the sound and movement of water, whether it's an aquarium or a waterfall. The negative ions that moving water puts off give feelings of well being or euphoria. 

And don't forget the soothing sounds of the ocean or babbling of a brook -