A Taste of Springtime: How to Eat In-Season For Springtime


A lot of us recall when we had to eat in-season. You went to the grocery store as a kid and there was citrus in the wintertime, asparagus in the springtime, and if you wanted a watermelon, you better wait until summer. 

The freshest local finds in springtime include - 

ASPARAGUS: I like to take fresh lemon juice, salt, and lots of pepper and cover lightly blanched asparagus in it, roll it up into saran wrap and place in the fridge for a cold snack.

PEAS: Honestly, I can eat them out of the pod, but no one does peas like our British cousins! They know to mix their peas with mint (another springtime fave).

STRAWBERRIES: Sure, you can pop them in your mouth like a greedy child, or you can do what my mom always did - make "Trifle Cake." Take a yellow cake mix and make it in a 9 x 13 pan. When it's still hot, poke tons of holes with toothpick or fork. Pour hot strawberry jello mix mixed with hot water onto the top of the cake to soak in.  Top with cut strawberries. Then, mix vanilla pudding and whipped cream and cover it. Add some more sliced strawberries. Place in fridge and keep it cold. Very refreshing, a crowd fave!

CARROTS:  There are two ways I enjoy these in springtime. One is to shred them and put with chicken, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing in a tortilla and rolle it up and cut into slices for springtime sushi. The other is to cook them and add fresh grated ginger root, honey, and salt. 

ARTICHOKE:  Steaming an artichoke is great, but I really love taking and making an antipasto board with marinated artichoke hearts, olives, fresh mozzarella, sliced pepperoni, and chunks of Italian bread. Sometimes, I take the juice from the artichoke marinade and add Italian seasonings and garlic salt and use that for dipping the bread. 

BEETS:  I LOVE beets. I use them in smoothies often, but honestly my very favorite way to have them is pickled. I have them instead of fries or chips with my lunch sandwich. Here's a great recipe. 

RHUBARB:  Lots of people think strawberry-rhubarb pie and it's good, but how about a crisp? Here's a great recipe

MINT:  Mint is a delicious choice with lots of foods, but honestly, a Mojito is the best springtime delight! Here's a great recipe. 

LETTUCE GREENS:  I love to make chopped salads. The reason is you get all the flavors in one bite. Instead of a chunk of lettuce and a hunk of red bell pepper, you can get the onion, herbs, lettuce, spinach, shredded carrot, celery, diced apple, strawberries, pineapple - all of it in one bite! You can also save on dressing calories because once it's all diced up, put it in a bowl, toss it with 1-2 T of dressing and everything is coated. It also is great inside a tortilla for a wrap sandwich with your favorite protein. 

SPINACH:  I love spinach and honestly in springtime, when there is more fresh produce, I get in the mood for smoothies. My favorite? Spinach and orange juice, can also add ginger root and tart apple. 

GREEN ONIONS:  When I think of green onions, I tend to think of Mexican dishes and living in the Southwest, that's going to run through one's mind. One thing people don't often think of but are a most excellent side dish are grilled green onions. Here's a great recipe

LEEKS:  Leeks are fantastic to use in cooking, but my very favorite springtime dishe with leeks is soup. Here's a great recipe for Leeks and Gruyere cheese soup. 

Shave those radishes into the thinnest slices and enjoy them in your salad or grate them and use on tortilla roll up sandwiches.

TURNIPS: I will be honest, since I was a toddler, I always ran around the garden at our main house and our summer home and picked all the turnips. Mom knew to plant extra. I even pilfered neighbor's turnips. I love the hot crisp wet taste of them. They are magical. I never get to the point of cooking with them because I'm too busy eating them raw. 

CHIVES: Chives and eggs - a great combo that is very Eastery springtime. Make an omelet. Use a creamy delicious cheese, maybe some bacon, but don't forget the chives! 

AVOCADOS:  I am a person who sits and eats an avocado as it is, but the best thing in the universe is to crush it down with a fork on toast, add red pepper flakes or fried egg or bacon. Any way you do avocado toast, it's springtime happiness1

Add a little springtime to your home - 

Don't forget to find local farms for picking things like strawberries, farmer's markets, and roadside produce stands! Support local growers!!!