Sex in the Backyard


Got your attention, eh? Taking your romance outside may be the very thing that brings danger and excitement back into the routine. 

Your back yard may be the best stage for romance ever, as if offers privacy and the great outdoors

Some simple ways to turn the outdoors into the place to win each other over again. 

Let's begin with ambiance. When your significant other is busy, consider littering the backyard with balloons filled with glow sticks

With leftover glow sticks, set the table with some jars tht have water and glow stick liquid mixed inside and coating the glass.

There's nothing that says outdoor romance like fairy lights, patio candles, or solar lanterns

How you grab a picnic basket and head out under the stars with some wine glasses, cheese and wine? 

A movie night with a projector and screen outdoors while sitting back in some lounge chairs is a true romantic treat. 

We suggest some movies like: "Summer Lovers" with Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher, "Fool's Gold" with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, "Friends With Benefits" with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, "Bell, Book and Candle" with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, and any Indiana Jones movie. 

Be your own favorite AirBNB!

The ultimate evening outdoors would be spent in a glamping tent (keep it up all summer into fall), whether it's a few leisurely hours or a whole night. Can't get away for a trip? Vacation in your yard! You can use sheets and blankets and some tree limbs and garden stakes for a temporary dwelling. Add pillows and a rug and surround it with some solar stake lights or white twinkle lights, and battery operated candles inside. 

Other great backyard features that keep you going  back out and enjoying the romance are double hammocks and futons under the stars.

The aim of the outdoor romance is to create your favorite pampering spot outside in a new setting to make things novel and exciting again. 

A jacuzzi is a do-able device set up on the patio with perhaps a curtain that can be pulled back for some privacy. 

Stargazing is always a super romantic couple's activity. A telescope makes a shared activity that invites wonder. Lay a blanket out to watch the stars and talk about the universe. 

A simple massage for each other might be just what you need. Get a nice mat and lay it out. Get some good oil.

Happy backyard romance!