"Threshold (A SEEK Team Investigation)" My Just-Released Book!


I'm thrilled to announce that my spine-tingling book (#3 of a 3-book paranormal romance series) has just been released to bookstores online and ebook format available very soon!

Book three is out now!  "Threshold (A SEEK Team Investigation)" is an on-the-edge of your seek foray into the possibilities of portals between the worlds. How do they work? What does this mean for mankind? And, while chasing this phenomenon, the team faces great danger, so much so that their late benefactor left them a magical ring that offers one rescue. Will they use the rescue and save one of their lives? Will Bean and Marco be able to cross the threshold of marriage or will they be faced with crossing the threshold to another world? 

Book one is "Ghost of a Chance!" (A SEEK Team Investigation)" in which our heroine and psychic, Beau Fraser, is hired by a billionaire to form a team and look for evidence that ghosts exist. She brings in her lifelong friends who have helpful skills. The only problem is one of those friends, photographer Marco Petrov, is a past romantic focus. As awkward as it is to work with Marco, her and the team dive right into haunted locations to gather evidence. With the billionaire trying to court her, could romance form again between Beau and Marco? Or does Beau have a ghost of a chance? 

Book two is "Tall, Dark and Elusive (A SEEK Team Investigation)" in which, a budding romance begins between Beau and Marco while they are out on the road chasing evidence of Bigfoot with the team. However, when the billionaire needs Beau, she can't resist being there for him as she is the only person he's let into his life to share his secret with. Even though there is great uncertainty in the forests chasing elusive Bigfoots, Beau finds Marco even more tall, dar, and elusive.

This series has been an extra pleasure to write. The actual encounters with the unknown in books one and two are from real-life events. The information on the subjects is all accurate to my extensive research. They are educational and thought provoking, chilling and thrilling, and the romance is just like we want it - extending through time and space for eternity.