Backyard Sunflowers


Who doesn't love the big face of a sunflower smiling at them from their own backyard?  🌻

There is something about these monster flowers and their taller-than-human height and huge "faces" that brings a smile. It also draws lots of birds, butterflies, and bees while providing seeds for either feeding the birds or yourself. 

- super huge sunflowers

and they don't just come in one color - 

Chocolate-colored sunflower seeds

I admit they are not only my favorite flowers, but I might be obsessed - 

Processing the seeds from the flower is a fun industry. Here's how to get those seeds edible - 

Or, you can simply leave them out for the hungry birds to devour.

A summer privacy wall? An attraction for wildlife? A potential healthy snack? Something to make the children and grandchildren have great garden memories? A row of happy troops to greet you when you have your morning coffee? A wall of shade for other delicate garden plants?

Whatever your reason - this is the season to plant some seeds and enjoy the landscape that screams SUMMER.