Life is How You See It: Exercises to Bring Wonder Back Into the Ordinary


Julie and I focus everything on GroovyNewLife based on the premise that where you are is the coolest place to be, who you're with is the coolest person to be with, what you're doing is the coolest thing to do. 

We inherently realize one thing about life - 

you create the world you want to live and life is how you see it - 

Whether you decide to downsize and jettison possessions, simplify, get a tiny house situation, leave a bad relationship, start a new business, travel the world, or any other transition, you always have yourself and you are a traveling wellspring of gratitude and excitement. 

You can be right where you are, with what you have around you and find wonder, inspiration, and laughter.


A simple day in the garden produced many inspired photos that look at our world differently. 

The same things are around you everyday, but when you decide to look for the magic, you find it. 

😊 That's the key to life 😊

A simple gaze into a cup of coffee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚brought a bigger smile than a usual cup can produce because the reflection in my sunglasses made me googly-eyed.

Inside a squash blossom

I picked a sunflower and floated it on the patio pool so I could swim with beauty. When I set down my sunglasses, I glanced down and saw myself reflected. 

The simplest way to see something with new eyes is to take it out of its element and put it somewhere new. This flower was beautiful on a stem, but what about if it tried to swim? 

It's amazing how something that is around you every day can produce so many emotions - all depending on how you interpret it.

😎 Life is how you see it. 😎

You don't need to go anywhere or add anything to your life; just take a different attitude and novel approach to the ordinary.

We humans were thrust upon the earth with more resources and "props" for our enjoyment. We just need to remember to use the tools we are given.

Julie and I are going to share some exercises we use that are really helpful for not only feeling gratitude and seeing beauty in what's around us, but also to inspire our creative process


Ride around in your car with music playing and look around you and how it looks like a music video going on. It has a rhythm and it adjusts to whatever you're listening to. Change the station. Same actions, but new music to change the mood. Your world didn't change, but your interpretation did.

Try to view your space with mirrors, reflections in water, sunglass reflections, through bottles of colored water, bubbles.... The reflective properties make the ordinary reveal the magic that was always there. 

Most living-in-the-moment-having-gratitude moments occur when you are around loved ones watching their daily activity, sitting outdoors in nature and observing the birds and bees, wind in the trees, and sounds of rushing water. 

We have found that a true appreciation happens when you exit the human-who-knows-everything-and-takes-it-for-granted attitude and enter the alien-observing-life-to-archive-it.  


Really look around you and dissociate from what your experiences are with trees, wind, clouds, humans....

What do your eyes keep going back to? Now ask, what if the flowers were blue? What if the sky was orange? What if this person wore a magician's pointed hat? Does it make you smile? 

Do you remember as a kid making the world more than what you saw, a bit more enhanced? 

Just spend some time drinking it in without judgment, without inner dialogue, simply as an invisible "watcher." 

One truly important exercise is gratitude - 

At the end of the day, a written or prayed list of what you are thankful for that day gives rise to a realization that a whole day wasn't ruined by one or two things, or ongoing stresses. 

Remeber: Each day provides moments of success, manifesting, karma, and appreciation. 


A life based on gratitude realizes all those special rewards that come daily and incidentally more of them occur. 



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The Secret Garden (1993)


Snow Day

The Wizard of Oz


  1. I am much happier viewing things in a whole different way and shooting it with my camera. I feel like a kid again.


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