Living Thrifty: Choosing What to Luxury


A life of deprivation can make it hard to imagine a better life or ever having fun again, but if one plots it well, a few luxuries here and there will give rise to a sense of being pampered and bring life to your days.

For the home cook who buys store brands, cooks from scratch, buys bags of beans and rice in bulk, and snubs the gourmet cheese island in the grocery store, a simple cuisine luxury is enough to excite and thrill.

Some considerations for a touch of spoiling

Fresh seafood one night a week
White wine for cooking
Wheel of brie
T-bone steak
New spices like smoked paprika, vanilla beans, or saffron


For the weekend yard worker, griller, trash attendant, and fix-it person, it might be time to have something new instead of trying to rig things with what you have handy.

Some considerations for a touch of spoiling - 

Sturdy work gloves
A serious wheelbarrow
Antislip ladder
Dremel set 


If your life is physically demanding and exhausting, it might be time for some very down to earth pampering. Just one or two items can make a difference in how the day plays out. 

Some considerations for a touch of pampering

(I have this and it was life-changing, like having a massage therapist at your beck and call)


Ways to stay thrifty - 

Repair clothing

Use items you have to fix other items (leftover nuts and bolts, a piece of wood lying around....)

Ignore things you don't HAVE to have by windowshopping. It's equally fun to browse the shelves and admire things, but not need to HAVE them. 

Shop Goodwill 

Have a swap party with friends (clothing, household goods, tools) - provide the drinks and snacks and everyone swaps items

Buy store brands of foods - they are awesome!

Go to YouTube to find video repairs/computer repair instructions

Barter - offer to make a week of suppers for someone who will then turn around and mow your lawn. 

Grow veggies in the summertime. 

Make meals from scratch.

Inquire with relatives and friends if they have leftover house paint or tiles. 

We are in times that remind us the value of connections with others and being innovative and humble. But that doesn't have to mean completely deprived.