Mermaid Lovers


Mermaids. Mermaids. Mermaids. 

With summer fast approaching, water becomes our focus as does the magic of the sea. Nothing is more magical than mermaids. And many of us are, admittedly, obsessed. 

Here's our favorite mermaid dreams - 

Hit "play" on this music video and enjoy the background sounds while reading this exciting mermaid lovers' post!

There's no need to go "overboard" with mermaid paraphenalia. 

You can show your love of the mythology in subtle ways from irridescence to pastels, scaly textures to seashell necklaces. 

I may have a mermaid fantasy or two of my own - 

Iridescent green and purple

Consider a strip of hair maybe underneath, dyed with semipermanent coloring like fantastic Artic Fox

Mermaid Lamp

Mermaid 16 x 32 wall art

Mermaid Movies

A man who almost drowned as a boy, comes upon the mermaid who had rescued him. He falls in love with her, not knowing who or what she is as she is posing as human. 

Two mermaids are adopted into a caberet. One sister wants to fall in love with a human. The other sister wants to devour them. 

Two girls find a mermaid in their beach club's swimming pool.

Lady in the Water
An apartment maintenance guy rescues a woman from the community pool. It ends up she is from a children's story and wants to get home again but there are forces that want to keep her there. The odd assortment of apartment dwellers work to protect her. 

A girl cursed to be a mermaid for damaging coral in the sea, has to get some help to find her true love to free her from the curse. 

A girl learns that on her 12th birthday she is destined to be a mermaid

The Little Mermaid
A mermaid princess makes a bargain so she can win the heart of a human prince. 


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