Staycations: Home Resort, Home Cabin, Home Camping


Julie and I at GroovyNewLife have really pushed for folks to repurpose, upcycle, barter, thrift, create by hand, and we include vacations in that mix.

Work with what's around you

It may not be practical to cross state borders, travel abroad, or even financially feasible. There are degrees of staycations for any budget. 

We are going to show you how to go to a seaside resort, a woodland cabin, or a simple backyard fantasy vacation - right in your own home.


Let's talk about a feature you can add very cheaply for permanent fun - a firepit that feels like the beach.

Head out to the streams and find some driftwood, perhaps some small cantaloupe or basketball-sized boulders. A couple 5- or 10-gallon pampass grass and a few bags of sand....

Dig out the scoop like above so you don't have to fill it all with sand, just the surface. 

Add some driftwood, perhaps wood limbs for steps like in the foreground of this picture. Some flat stones for the firepit. When carving out the area, shape it for natural seating. Add the grass/bushes where you want. Top with playground sand (here's a 50-pound bag below). 

The beach theme might include margarita glasses and margarita mix, maybe use fresh seasonal fruit to whirl up and make a flavored margarita. 

The scents of the sea are key - you want to smell the kelp and salt air, the fragrances of wild Hawaiian flowers and jasmine in night air.

The sound of water running is a very relaxing beach sound - whether you pipe it in artificially in the house or outside. I'd pick surf with seagulls. 

A little tanning time outdoors and a place to lay out is ideal.

Don't forget your beachy drinks and perhaps a seafood supper.

Dress the part with swimsuits, flip flops, coverups, sun hat, etc. 

Dress for supper in a sundress or Hawaiian shirt with sandals, casual outdoors after it's dark when it's cooler. Even consider plugging in a fan to give you a breeze vibe.


Scents like cedar are ideal to set this mood - 

The sounds of rain on a tin roof is a dream cabin sound, so consider popping these nature sounds on, especially on a porch.

A rocking chair or rocking sofa a perfect porch item and some firefly lights inside of mason jars - 

Consider some fresh trout, s'mores, and a backyard firepit for roasting hot dogs while storytelling. 

Some nighttime stargazing is a great cabin getaway activity. Consider laying out a blanket under a backyard tree and lie back and watch the satellites cruise by in the sky. 

A little hike around your area might give you an armload of driftwood, pine cones, acorns, and wildflowers to make a picnic table arrangement for your supper.


Sleeping outdoors. It's one of those summer pleasures that is hard to resist. 

If you aren't going to haul the army tent to the forest, consider sleeping outside. Perhaps even set up a tent you can use all summer when the mood takes you.

Toss in some cushions, battery-operated lanterns, blankets, and a little table to sit on a cushion and eat at. It is such a romantic getaway.

Dig a hole for a firepit or use one that's already out in the yard. Do the traditional campfire cooking. Do some stargazing, storytelling, or UFO hunting. 

If you have grandkids, consider teaching them what camping is like in a comforting setting. Even bring in a flashlight and do hand shadows on the tent wall and teach them how to make smores. Maybe you can shake up some Jiffy pop over the coals. 

If you can't take some days off to create your dream beach getaway, cabin retreat, or camping site, consider an evening with the vibe.

Candlelight, fruity beach drinks or rich red wine, a seafood supper, all served on a picnic blanket with the right sounds and mood. 

It's a fantastic surprise for your loved one and keeps things unexpected and novel. We too often get stuck in roles that we play out each day on autopilot. When we fell in love, everything was unexpected and fun to learn. It just takes a moment to consider giving someone worthy a getaway moment.