Why Lifestyle Influencers Are Beating Out Hollywood


It used to be that influencers were Hollywood stars, maybe rockstars, possibly "personalities" like the Kardashians that aren't known for any real talent, just their filthy rich lifestyle. They jetsetted, wore designer clothing, and generally thought their political opinions were important for the masses to hear. 

Today, our influencers have shifted to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They are regular citizens like us who are sharing ways you can live your life on planet earth. 

And, you don't need millions of dollars and great connections, you need resourcefulness and perserverance.  

Influencing lifestyle by having real goals and challenges versus a Hollywood star with dashing good looks, lots of money, and a cadre of people to do their tedious work, is a no brainer.

Today's lifestyle influencers share their small towns, their chicken coups, their desire to live off grid, or their life in an on-the-road van. Maybe they can their foods. Perhaps they like to sew. It could be their building a cabin from scratch. Have you dreamed of being an ex pat in France? Ever want to surf in Hawaii? Maybe you daydream about building a bugout shelter....

Mass media for a long long time has been directing us to the life we are supposed to want. They set us up for two camps - city and suburbs. They showed us the kinds of friends we should have, what we should look like, what we should value, what jobs we should have....

It would appear that a virus spread around the world would cause an instant reset in what we value, what we want. We are searching outside of Hollywood's ideals born of the desire to promote their advertising clients sales and finding the real motives behind making decisions. 

What dream did we never chase?

How can we be more independent in our work?

Where do we want to live?

Is country living possible?

Can we get ourselves off grid?

How do we slow down and smell the roses?

What if we don't pay a gym or weight loss program but instead grow a garden and work outside?

A lot of great truths about the motives behind Hollywood and the media have been exposed. When it comes down to home and family, we are needing new role models, not the liberal derelicts that say one thing for us and do another for them.

Here's just some of the mass variety of new lifestyle influencers we have to find ourselves in. They speak real about their situations. They share the day to day. And we feel less weird for dreaming of what they are doing versus what the elitests are doing.

Living Off Grid With Jake and Nicole follows a couple in British Columbia building an entire off-grid compound piece by piece. It's so very interesting and brave that we can't look away.

Instead of daydreaming about where Kim Kardashian buys her underpants, folks are finding themselves envying old-fashioned building skills and the great outdoors.

Simple Joys follows a very well-spoken and insightful young woman who has relocated to France and is learning bit by bit why simple joys are the best. 

The Cottage Fairy shows us how to live in a small home, in a beautiful quiet location, and explore art, gardening, and insights into being human. It used to be folks watched "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and felt envy. Now, we dream of a slower more involved life in the immediate vicinity of our heart's desire. 

There are lifestyle influencer channels for everything! There are gardeners and artists, those constructing off-grid living, a lot who are moving into tiny homes, decking out skoolie buses to live in, cooking outdoors, crafting, making major life changes, hunters, and travelers. 

Enjoy the new world where everyone has a story, everyone is a star. The variety of people, focuses, obsessions, and daily living represent the masses like never before. 




  1. I have chosen to watch them over TV shows and movies. I can relate to some and many have great ideas I have used in my life. Live a more simple life and do not dwell on stuff that cannot enrich you life.


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