10 Amazon Swimsuits to Hide Belly: The Do's and Dont's of Swimsuit Choosing


If your belly makes you too self conscious to be seen in a swimsuit, even by those closest to you, quit tying a towel around your waist or wearing a t-shirt in the pool, and learn what to look for to present the best you possible.


10 Tips for diminishing the belly appearance 
10 Swimsuits we recommend

1.  Tankini sexy

Don't fear the two piece! Tankinis make it possible to be sexy and flirty while also drawing attention to the right place - the upper body. 

This particular one has the ruffles pointing down to cover up the center of the belly. The folds and fluffineess keep attention on the top half and the bottom is forgotten.


2.  Textured fabric is your friend.  

There are plenty of girdle-acting fabrics on the market now that make tummy tucking easier on a mechanical basis. The weaves are such that they can really girdle you in. 

While we're talking about fabric, try to avoid shiny smooth stuff. You ever notice those spandex body fitting tops that are popular in the stores, how even a skinny girl has lumps in it? Yeah, you don't want to emphasis every curve when it comes to the belly. Consider fabrics that are matte or textured. 

tummy control fabric suit

This tankini I am wearing (below) is not only a cool lace over solid fabric, but it's a halter, and the skirt below the breasts hangs from the body, hiding belly. From the back, it ties behind, making it look like a bikini. 

3.  Patterns can help the project

We know the rules about no horizontal stripes, but there are some subtle things about patterns that can help or make things worse. 

If you look at the white cut-out swimsuit (below) with lemons on it, those lemons are bright, fun, in different directions and the overall effect is masking for where the belly is as the fruit pops forward and draws attention instead of curves and shapes of the body. 

What we love about this patterned suit below is it has ruching that breaks up the pattern. If you have big flowers on flat fabric, you might see stretching and distortion, but this takes away from that dilemma. It rather "compacts" things. 

This suit (below) I got because the halter top part was patterned and the lower part was not only tummy control fabric, but solid. All attention is on the upper part and the dark bottom recedes. I feel very confident in this one and I do not like my belly!

4.  Cut-outs are brilliant.

We love cut-outs! The little peek-a-boo draws attention to the upper body and the glimpse of skin. It is super sexy. 

Right under the breasts, one on each hip, those are great locations. Even though the ones on each flank that show off the curve of the waist are adorable, consider if you like your waist curves as this will really show where your flesh there ends and the surroundings begin.

NOTE: In fact, this year I'm wearing this lemon cut-out with skirt and I have total confidence and feel so cute in it! I like that it has a drawstring for the top so you can be more or less modest, depending on what you like.

5.  Look to ruching.

Ruching is a great masking technique. The repeated folds have a fabric beneath that pushes you in and the folds add a texture that can be picked up and moved around to make folds where you want them. Just look at the bottoms on this two-piece! Yes, two pieces are tummy happy when you wear high-waisted bottoms in retro styles. 

This suit has so much going for it. The adorable contrast of fruit and black fabric is a pattern that's poppy, it has a peek-a-boo cutout, capped sleeves if you don't like your upper arms, and the bottoms pull in that lower half. The top is so busy fun that it is highly distracting and flirty. 

6.  Skirts elongate bodies.

Skirts are kicky fun and they can hide upper thighs and elongate the body. The only thing you want to beware of are skirts you wear over the suit. These create a line across your middle and show any bowing due to belly curve.

This one below has flattering ruching at the waist and upper hip area and the skirt does that subtle float from the hips. Some swimsuit skirts begin their pleating at the hips or worse - belly. Look for a skirt that simply falls from your upper hips like this one. 

skirted suit

The ruching, the continuous pattern, tummy control, and skirting all come together in a fantastic choice! If you are petite or have a short body length, this is very elongating!

7. Crisscross/Wraparound

8. Off shoulder. 

We love off shoulder suits when they have straps like this. The cold-shoulder look and covering the arms is brilliant, but it also brings focus up around shoulders and face. With the ruffles on the sleeves taking the body out further visually, the middle area looks smaller in comparison. 

9.  Ruffles.
Ruffles are not just feminine, they float in the wind, create waves that mask long flat stretches of skin. They are a visual distraction and soften any sharp lines. 

10.  Color.

Everyone thinks of black for minimizing in clothing, but in swimsuits it's not always your best tactic. First off, who wants to wear black in the sunlight or in the happy summertime sun? And, that black can define every single curve so that it pops against your skin or the sand, pool deck, and shows EXACTLY what size you are. 

If you love a bright color, please go with it! Your confidence shows through and the vibrancy actually makes it hard for the eye to make out details. We also really love halter style because it's going to bring the girls up and showcase them, as well as drawing the eye to your face. 

orange wraparound style suit



The straight across line of the top of the suit points to your arms (if you don't like them) and creates a rectangular box for the body, making you look stockier.


There is nothing worse than seeing a belly uncontained with bottoms that go below your curving flesh, hiding the fact you even have bottoms on. 


You know the swimmer's competition suits that have no crisscross, no adornmant, nothing to cut up the line of the body, it's just all "out" there??? 


Don't agonize this summer. Really showcase what you like about your body, try to be less conscious of what you worry about, and go have fun! Any of these swimsuits above will make you look amazing, but also they will stay on when you play in waves or go down a water slide - SO DO IT!

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