A Day in My Dream Life: Julie in Italy

When anyone asks me where I would like to visit and/or live, Italy comes to mind first. Both of my Grandparents from my Mother’s side of the family came from Italy. 

It is in my blood and I love the lifestyle. 


I never realized how much Italy felt like home until I started watching a YouTube channel called: Positano Diaries – Nicki Positano – Amalfi Coast Lifestyle  


Oh my goodness, I was in love with Positano, the Amalfi Coast, surrounding towns and Nicki’s lifestyle. 


I searched for more videos where the people lived in other Italian communities and subscribed to them as well. Positano is my favorite as the lifestyle there is what I want.

I live in Arizona, the desert, where the summers are very hot. The lifestyle is very different from Italy, but I do my best to bring some Italian flavor to my life. 

Nicki has a large and beautiful garden with veggies, herbs and fruit growing in abundance. 

My garden is tiny, but with the table, umbrella, and growing vegetables and herbs, it is my little piece of Italy. I also have plants in terracotta pots on my front porch because I noticed that terracotta is popular in Italy.

Arizona may be a desert, but there are plenty of places to find water flowing freely and to hike nearby. The coolness and sound of the rushing water makes me feel like I have transported to Italy, even if it is just for a short moment.

 Not only can you find places with water to hike, but there are plenty of other places that feel like you are in Italy. 

In Sedona, there is a shopping place with restaurants called Tlaquepaque. Walking through this place makes you feel like you are somewhere else. For me, that place is Italy. From the dΓ©cor, quaint shops and variety of restaurants, it has an old European look and feel. 

Arizona also has many vineyards and wine tasting rooms. From Sonoita to Verde Valley to Young and Willcox, you can find plenty of places creating their own wine. The local wines are not only delicious, but the vineyards have an Italian vibe. I love going on wine trips with the girls and enjoying the ambiance of these places.

-It even inspired my book - 


It is no surprise that I would love Italian food as well.

I was lucky to get my Mother’s Italian sauce recipe. I make a large batch, freeze some of it, and share the rest with friends and family. I haven’t made homemade noodles yet, but one thing at a time. Her sauce was delicious on the ravioli we had the other day. 

Besides drinking wine, I also love it when an Italian drink is introduced to me. While at Sharon’s house, we made the beginnings of Limoncello with vodka and lemon peels. 


I took my jar home, and after a week I added the sugar and water to make the syrup. I added the mixture to a bottle and put it in the fridge. Oh my goodness, it is so frickin’ good!! All you need is a shot or two at a time, and you are happy.

I didn’t talk much about clothes because I am more of a southwest hippie fashion gal. I guess I will have to explain that in another post.