A Day In My Dream Life: Sharon the Surfer Girl


Today, as part of Julie's and my "A Day in My Dream Life" series, I'm going to share one of my dreams - being a surfer girl!   πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

In the last post, Julie shared being in Italy.  

In future installments in the series, we will share other dream lives and how to incorporate them into your world right now.


I live in the desert and that's a fact. So how does surfer girl survive? 

Once again, we show that you don't have to up and move to live the dream. It's the elements of it that make you happy, it's what it represents, it's your tastes and values, your relaxation and bliss. 

That can be done anywhere!

I put together a list of some of the elements of a surfer girl's life as I could live it right where I am ....

Awaken to sunshine

Drink 8 oz of icy cold water with lime 

Apply important sunblock

Go outside and walk the garden with tropical fruits and veggies πŸ…πŸ‰πŸŒΌ

There is nothing like organic fresh fruits and veggies within reach and some time outdoors in the sun. Eating fresh and colorful is critical to my stamina and my overall energy about life. 

Come into the cool home and do some yoga stretches to warm up for the day. 

Prepare coffee with coconut oil and some collagen powder. This is great for healthy oils and collagen for muscles and ligaments.

Time for a smoothie - coconut milk, spinach, ginger root, and strawberries.

Utilizing my balance board

I put on some surfing videos and surf along with them, stooping, twisting, bending, balancing, riding the curls. This will go on for 45 minutes to an hour. 

There are some great surfing compilation videos on YouTube. 

It's time to do work-a-day stuff, but I play some surfing music in the background and utilize my standing desk so I can dance in place while typing!

Late morning, it's time to consider a real workout. A hop on the elliptical can get that done! For a surfer, a good 45-minute workout is ideal when added to the morning's 45-minute "surfing" session. 


Although real surfers often surf 3-5 hours a day, as I'm not competing in the virtual realm, I will do a little more office work and a little less surfing. 

As I listen to my body when it needs nourishment, I realize it's time for some lunch! How about seared ahi tuna atop a salad of greens and beets with some some Asian dressing? mmmmmm

Back to work, music, and moving around! 


When the late afternoon arrives, it's time to hit the water!

A patio inflatable pool gets me cooled off and allows me to gaze at the massive food forest (my organic garden), listen to tunes, and relax on a float.

Water is everything to me! I'm so inspired by the sky and sea colors that I start a new oil painting when I get inside - 

Friends want to go out and enjoy the warm weather at an outdoor cafe for appetizers. Time to dress surfer girl!

Surfer girl wears the sea like a mermaid with legs. 

My world is based on the colors of the sea and sky mixed with citrus. Seashells, surfer hemp jewelry, bohemian stacked bracelets or necklaces,  tumbling sea-curled hair with the help of a great sea spray to enhance my waves. 

Type of appetizers surfer girl might nibble on? 


lettuce wraps 
feta and watermelon squares on a toothpick
cucumber rolls with curd cheese

Served on white rectangular platters

What does surfer girl like to drink? 

Mai Tai or Mojito in a pretty glass!

Things you might find in my larder - 

Teriyaki sauce
canned pineapple
jasmine rice
seaweed sheets
soy sauce
hot sesame oil
fish oil
brown sugar
coconut sugar
coconut milk 
sweet and sour sauce


Things you might find in my freezer - 

ahi tuna steaks
pork tenderloin
canned concentrate of limeade
canned concentrate of Hawaiian punch


Things you might find in my crisper - 

red pepper
green onions
ginger root
salad greens
green beans


Things you might find in my fridge -

flavored rum like mango or coconut
Asian salad dressing
rice vinegar
green tea and gingseng iced tea
dense chewy multigrain bread
almond milk

Supper cravings? 

My dad did 20 years in the navy in the Pacific-Asiatic fleet 1937-1957. Stationed in Hawaii, on the Thornton when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Mom was in the navy too. That's how they met. She used to make us kids "Hawaiian Surprise" and it was a favorite recipe - 

Make your sticky rice (I like Jasmine). Cut up spam or ham into chunks, bell pepper into chunks, chunks of pineapple and heat in sweet and sour sauce. Pour over the rice. 

When this surfer girl's day is winding down, I prep for tomorrow by cutting and cleaning fruits and veggies, maybe freezing a banana for a smoothie tomorrow.  I set up the coffee maker so it's good to go. 

A nice shower with a skin scrub to invigorate followed by turning the water to ice cold so I can reduce inflammation and feel super alive is my favorite thing, followed by some creamy coconut oil for lotioning. 

Before bed, I might watch some surfing videos or shows where people are buying islands or beachfront properties. Using manifesting techniques, I picture my life the way I want it and feel the feelings of already being a surfer girl and having what I want. 

The last thing after the lights out is a sweet prayer of gratitude. I review every tiny thing I'm thankful for that day. I put on the ocean sounds on timer and clock out. 

Inspirations for you if you want to add some surfer to your life!

(Great Surfer/music vid compilation)

Blue Crush (movie)

Gidget (movie and TV show)

Soul Surfer (movie)

Point Break (movie)

Drift (movie)

Beach Blanket Bingo (movie)

The Beach Boys (music)

Dick Dale (music)

Surfer Dude (movie)

The Big Bounce (movie)

Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone (YouTube)

When you're landlocked but your soul is a surfer, you have to have attitude. Hair loose and bohemian, big sunglasses, some bronzer....

Take a surfer away from the surf and they are still a soul that loves fresh food, time outdoors, physical challenges, casual lifestyle, and easygoing attitude.

You can have that anywhere!


Swimwear and Accessories



(ps, none of these shops know I'm recommending them - I have been buying from them and stalking them for years, delighting over the catalogs and plotting my dream wardrobe)

This store is THE best for surfer girl. Mix and match, skorts, shorts, coverups, serious board-riding swimsuits, and a Hawaiian surfer vibe. Comfort, awesome fabrics, stretchy, fun patterns, great staples.  Literally MY favorite online catalog!

Swimsuits, resort wear, coverups, and sexy going out at night in the summertime fun at amazing prices!

This classic for surfers is soooo lush and fun!

It may be a bit more to pay for good quality, but this clothing is bohemian 70 vibe that screams braids and beads!

Another cool way to add the surfer vibe without being overly cheesy, is to paint walls or furnishings in fun sea-reminiscent colors - 

Consider adding some citrus and tropical fruit tones (lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, mango, papaya, pineapple) too, as well as sand color. 


At the end of her day, surfer girl knows she's creating the world she wants to live in and all the stresses  and responsibility are turned from threats to challenges using her superpowers of sunshine and chill attitude!

IF you want to actually do the surf dream, I know of something that hits the spot!!!

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