Baja Mexican Cooking

In Texas you have a twist on Mexican cuisine called Tex-Mex, but there is another Americanized version that is extremely popular here in Arizona and California - Baja Mexican, or Baja-Med.

For those who find Americanized Mexican food to be made of the same five ingredients, brown, and too rich to digest, Baja-Med is a dream!


With a focus on things like lime, seafood, ceviche (aquachile), olive oil (part of the Mediterranean influences), it reminds one of California Wine Country owning their Mexican citizen's seaside recipes with a twist. 


This is a cosmopolitan twist on cuisine that includes some elements from Asia and the Mediterranean. Seaside areas often adopt from the variety of cultures that settle there. 

Lots of fresh produce is utilized for colorful dishes

Most folks are aware of the fish tacos with cabbage, avocado, red onion, lime....

Here's some elements you are likely to find - 

citrus like orange, lemon and especially lime
olive oil
cabbage slaw
deep fried cod
corn tortillas
sour cream
fresh grown veggies

In fact, the wine country in Baja is a special treat. 

The chain restaurant, Baja Fresh, prides itself on bringing the taste to the general public. 

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