Bringing Color Into Your Life


What colors you're drawn to say a lot about you. Color has an immediate way of making us feel things sentiment, happiness, home and hearth, youth, travel. From autumn forest to springtime blossoms; churning seas to night skies our world is color....

If you ever wondered what the colors you are drawn to mean about yourself, here's a helpful chart:

Aura photography is a fun activity and honestly I've had it done many times over the years and each time it's done, it seems to accurately reflect on where I am at the time. 

In this aura pic below, I told them photograph I planned to look at the spot where I believe my psychic info comes from. She smiled, clicked the camera, and we sat and waited for the polaroid to develop before our eyes. She was rather startled by what it showed, what appeared to be a rather intuitive area. 

Here's what your aura colors mean - 


Local metaphysical bookstores usually have these cameras and it's really fun to check it out. 

Depending on what you want to achieve, color can do different things. If you're planning on wearing a color or putting a color on the wall of your home, you could be claiming your soul's identity. 

In the 1980s, it was really popular to get your colors done by Color Me Beautiful's 4 season palettes. You were either a spring, summer, autumn or winter in the colors that suited you best.

Warm tones, springtime vibrancy, in the lighter range than the deeper warm palette or autumn

I'm a spring

cool tones with richness and lighter hues than winter's cool colors

Julie is a summer

warm tones in richer depth of color as you might find on autumn trees and pumpkin patches

cool tones in strong intensity from icy pastels to jewel tones




Putting color into your home

If color in your home is a new concept, you might start small, whether it's a few pillows on the sofa or a small grouping of color - 

I'm a sea, sky, citrus, and sunflowers kinda gal

This grouping of colored bottles (mix elmer's glue with water and food coloring and roll it around inside the bottles), rocks I painted with my favorite sunflowers, sea glass, and a bottle covered in faux turquoise I made with clay, are reminders of my spirit. You walk down the hallway and see this in the linen storage area and you think, "wow, I just got hit by springtime!"

A little relaxing time each day of 10-30 mins (maybe while you bathe), color therapy glasses can do something for your spirits. Each color represents a different focus. 

Other ways to add color - 

Your diet - PRODUCE!
Your hair - Try a new shade you never dared before or use a temporary color like color chalk to give a streak of color.
Your Living Room - some colorful pillows, solid or patterned.
Your Nails - Leave nude shades and go for summer brights.
Your walls - A background color that makes you smile.

Enjoy YOUR colors