Designing Your Home Office Space: Special Considerations



One of the many awesome things about working from home involves the ability to maybe work on a laptop in bed if you wanted to, but as someone who has worked from home since 1995, I'll tell you a legitimate work station ups your game, makes you professional and efficient. 

Here's some super concepts in design you may not have considered - 

the right desk

If there is any chance you are going to eat through your work time, make them separate but doable together. You don't need to spill drinks or get food into your keyboard, so a corner or L-shaped desk is great! You might consider putting a tray to put food and drinks on for spill prevention on the right or left arm of the desk, and invest in an insulated lidded cup for your water or iced tea and a covered cup for your coffee. You will never regret it.

Standing desk

For those who have worked anywhere from 5 to 50 years at a desk, you know the importance of straightening your body. If you sleep on your side and sit and watch TV in your spare time, consider this, you are in this position almost all of your entire 24 hours. 

A standing desk is so life-changing! I like to do 30 mins sitting, 30 mins standing with music playing, dancing in place or marching in place as I type. That means instead of 8 hours seated, you are doing 4 hours seated and 4 hours burning calories! It's easy to stand and move around for 2-4 hours in a row and not realize it. 

Good chair

Supportive lumbar area, proper padding without being so soft your back takes the hit. Do you want arms or not? I tend to not like arms as when I rest my forearms on them, my body weight rests on them and I cause shoulder and elbow issues. 

No matter what cushion comes with the chair, there's sometimes a need for a little extra pad. I don't like memoryfoam as that is not only hot, but very dense with body weight on it. It doesn't support and causes back issues. I like the "purple" sort of technology as you can have a thin cushion and it is cool, distributes your weight without making any area feel unsupported.

backdrop for zoom calls

Zoom calls are often a part of working remotely, but you don't need to show them your sofa with a dog sleeping on it or other personal household visuals that make you seem a little less in an office and more like in your bedroom or living room.

A simple solution is to face your desk away from the wall (good for privacy and also allows you to look across the room and not feel walled in). This also means the wall behind you becomes a backdrop. If you want it to look comfortable and not clinical, consider free floating shelves and houseplants or perhaps a collection of beautiful photos from national parks. If you don't like the white and depressing wall, pin up a sheet in a bright flat color. 

Lighting can keep you looking young, vital, and alert. Overhead or CFL yellowish lights can make you look like you're an exhausted mess. Consider a simple circle light used by vloggers.

I suggest that, if your desk faces a window and your back to the wall, you may have a good natural lighting in the daytime. Give it a test first before buying a light.


Personal decisions can be made on the best printer/combo unit, lighting, storage, filing, and whether or not to use double computer screens. Also, take into consideration noise distractions like a fan or waterfall, soft music, or a door to seal you away from others in the home. 


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