Fruit and Cheese Pairings For Summer

Watermelon, feta cheese, and a mint leaf 
on a toothpick

There's nothing that kicks of summertime more than some fresh fruit and tasty cheeses laid out on a nice board and nibbled with some sangria or iced tea. 

Here's some inviting combos - 

Julie and I suggest you can place these side by side on a platter, but we rather like having a toothpick and putting the combo together on it (like the watermelon above).

And, these lend themselves perfectly for bruscetta. Drizzle olive oil on some sliced french bread, toast it in the oven, and put these adopt them! Consider adding things like fresh rosemary, mint, carmelized onions, roasted tomatoes....



fig jam
 meets the saltiness of bleu cheese and tartness of granny smith apples 

pears like to be seen with salty cheeses like feta

grapes are best companions with aged white cheddar

pineapple is fantastic with parmesan - try a shaved bit of it atop the pineapple

mango and goat cheese are perfect partners

strawberries and brie are good buddies

kiwi snuggles up nicely to goat cheese

peaches and mozzarella are best buddies

gorgonzola and plums might be companions because the stinkier the cheese, the sweeter the fruit that goes with it.


Remember to consider fresh herbs for many of these combos from thyme to dill, rosemary to cilantro. Also, pair them with a wine that adds the magic. Sangria is loved by all, but there are some great white wines for this - Chardonnay, Rieseling, and Gewรผrztraminer